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I understand you may dubious - the term Girl Power has been a cliché ever since the Spice Girls burst into our lives in whirlwind of platform shoes, short dresses and catchy tunes. Don't be put off - Girl Power is about taking control of your destiny and being true to yourself. So in honour of Girl Power, we've found some sites dedicated to girls (aside from Girl OF COURSE!) for your entertainment and inspiration!
The site features information on issues such as suicide, teen pregnancy, and eating disorders, as well as containing poetry, book reviews, activist resources, and more. Real Emotion encourages girls to be who they are and not to compromise themselves for anyone.
We know you're cyber savvy girls, and geek girl is a site for those with a serious interest in information technology. Providing resources for all things technical, this site is a wealth of computer geek information.
Those of you who love to party, cant go past the party girl site. Providing information from party planning and party etiquette to what to wear to a party - this site has it covered.
Here the motto is "self expression equals empowerment". You're encouraged to express yourself by posting your writing or participating in chatrooms, message boards etc.
A girls guide to geek guys - since I'm partial to geeky guys, this is my personal fave. It's a site detailing why geek guys are good catches.
The site declares it's is all about women who are on top of things and in control, and what we can do to get there ourselves. Some valuable information is provided on money issues, study skills, health etc.
Undecided about your career path? This site will put you on the right track. Do a virtual job road test to see if the vocation you're considering meets with your expectations.
Empowering, innovative, entrepreneurial young women who are 'on the street', in the mix and bootstrapping it to make their creative dreams come true.
With motivation, determination and inspiration, you can achieve anything. Whether your goal is to be a female Bill Gates or a Nobel Peace Prize winner, embrace girl power and the sky is the limit!

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