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Go-To Candle

Go-To Candle

The adorable, all-natural, soy-based candle will be sold with each festive gift bundle purchased, and customers will have no choice but to accept that their homes will now smell great in lieu of this.


With Monoi to reflect the delicious scent of Go-To's best-selling Exceptionoil body oil, the limited edition Go-To candle (RRP $20, but not available to buy outside of the bundles below) will give unused matches a chance to make something of themselves, offer light should there be a blackout, and of course, make rooms smell gooderer.


These are the festive bundles on offer from Monday 16 November until sold out:



Properly Clean, Very Useful Face Cream, Face Hero + Candle



Exceptionoil, Lips!, Face Hero + Candle


THE LOT $249

Exceptionoil, Lips!, Properly Clean, Exfoliating Swipeys,Very Useful Face Cream, Face Hero + Candle


As with all Go-To products and bundles, always, the festive bundles are available exclusively from



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