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H30 Challenge

H30 Challenge

Forget the fad diets and the fabled weight loss trends. The answer to kick start a healthier lifestyle this month is simple - DRINK MORE WATER. It's a small change in return for big health benefits.


Sugar sweetened drinks including soft drinks, sports drinks, fruit drinks and cordial are the principal source of added sugar in the Australian diet, leading to health problems such as obesity, diabetes and poor oral hygiene. 


That's why this month, VicHealth is urging Victorians to sign up to the H30 Challenge. The rules are simple: switch from sugary drinks to water for 30 days and reap the rewards.


Paralympian and new mum Kelly Cartwright is participating in the H30 challenge herself this month and sharing her progress through her social media channels, helping to inspire others to take on the challenge.


Signing up is easy and free, plus participants will receive regular updates to stay on track.


VicHealth's free H30 challenge will run until the end of February 2016. To sign up visit



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