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Percy the Platypus

Percy the Platypus

Percy the juvenile platypus was found alone in a stormwater drain near Queensland Rail at Caboolture this morning by a private security guard, now doubling as a Wildlife Warrior!


Although he was only young, Percy had already developed poisonous spurs on his two hind, webbed feet that needed to be minded during his rescue.


Upon his arrival to the Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital, Percy was examined by vets and deemed fit and healthy for release by Hospital staff. He weighed in at only half a kilogram and measured just short of a ruler.


Although Percy will be returned to the Caboolture area, he will be placed in a creek which is known as a habitat for platypus, far away from train tracks and any other human hazards.


Being such a mysterious mammal, platypus are rarely spotted but with Australia Zoo Wildlife Hospital's head vet Dr. Rosie Booth specialising in the treatment of platypus, it's no wonder that Percy is the second platypus brought to the Hospital for treatment this year alone!


On treating platypus patients, Dr. Rosie Booth said that although they're not necessarily harder to treat than other wildlife, due to their elusive nature platypus are often only found by rescuers when their health has deteriorated over time and they're particularly unwell.


'We're very pleased that Percy was brought in with no obvious injuries and that we do not need to prolong his release back into the wild, " she said.


Being in such good health, our encounter with Percy was brief and is a great sign that he will be perfectly capable of surviving independently in the wild. During release, Percy was keen to explore his new surroundings and barrelled out of his transportation container with gusto. Impatient to return to the fresh spring water and relax in his new home, Percy ducked his head up in a quick goodbye, before settling in a much more comfortable environment.


Hopefully, Percy doesn't go off the rails and into unfamiliar territory again.


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