How to Convince a Boy to Kiss You

How to Convince a Boy to Kiss You


When 29-year-old author Tara Eglington's debut novel was released in February, she never expected it to resonate with readers as strongly as it did.

Within weeks of How to Keep a Boy from Kissing You hitting bookstores, the series Facebook page was inundated with messages from readers asking the novel's main character, teen matchmaker Aurora Skye, for advice.

From dealing with the burden of never being kissed at sixteen to moving out of the dreaded -friend zone', it's clear that – despite the overload of information online and in magazines – teenage girls still need help navigating the perils of romance and friendship.

-Some girls write regularly, updating me on the latest details of their crush, letting me know how Aurora's tips and tricks have worked for them and made them feel more confident,' says Eglington, whose fans have been anxiously awaiting Aurora's latest adventure: How to Convince a Boy to Kiss You.


-My teen years don't feel that far behind me when I read the excitement, anxiety and enthusiasm that echo through the Ask Aurora messages.'

About the Book

Now that Aurora has found her prince, the dreamy boy next door Hayden Paris, she is super keen to lock lips again. But it seems that wherever Aurora goes, disaster follows and, despite her best intentions, Hayden ends up in the emergency department of the local hospital. Meanwhile, Aurora's friend Jelena is campaigning for school captain and persuades Aurora to run her Potential Prince Program as part of the election campaign – with interesting results.

Matchmaking, double-dating, YouTube tutorials on kissing and even a love compatibility calculator come into play, and yet it seems the course of true love rarely runs smoothly. Aurora may need the wand of a fairy princess to turn this chaos into a fairytale…

How to Convince a Boy to Kiss You
HarperCollins Austalia<br>
Author: <br>
ISBN:  9780732295189
RRP: $16.99


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