Welcome to Imagimorphia, the follow up to the truly amazing, inspiring and best-selling colouring challenge, Animorphia. Featuring unique and intricate ink drawings by artist Kerby Rosanes, this book includes images of incredible animals and shape-shifting creatures morphing together in breath-taking scenes. Kerby works in intricate black line to create creatures, characters, patterns and tiny elements to form massive compositions of mind-boggling detail.

The book invites readers to complete breathtaking drawings of crazy critters morphing out of amazing beasts, such as a polar bear emerging from a polluted industrial landscape, or a lion's mane created from a tangle of thrashing cables, wires and pipes. Hidden treasures can also be found scattered throughout the pages.
Review: Great relaxation, plus inspiring for creative minds.

Hardie Grant
Artist: Kerby Rosanes
RRP $19.99


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