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Intimately Beckham for Him & for Her, David & Victoria Beckham's new fragrances

Surrounded by an aura of fame, fortune and fashion - living an aspirational lifestyle achieved by talent and hard work, David and Victoria Beckham are the ultimate iconic couple.

Partners in the public eye partners in life... and now partners in fragrance. A brand new fragrance duo has been created to convey their world of sophistication, luxury and intimacy.

Intimately Beckham for Him. for Her. Two fragrances that are as unique as David and Victoria fuse in an atmosphere that sparkles and sizzles with the attraction and electricity between them. Two fragrances that are separately superlative and yet together are beautifully complimentary, bringing out the best in each other.

intimately Beckham brings you closer.

intimately BECKHAM for Him

The confidence of masculinity, the celebration of talent, the intimacy of David Beckham
David Beckham brings together supreme talent, striking flair and a smooth blend of style and masculinity.
Magnetic, provocative, cool - yet never aloof, he is aspirational but within reach.
A portrait of modern masculinity, he is at home on the world stage, among friends with the famous, and above all, at one with his wife and children. David thrives on the intimacy of life away from the crowds and cameras; revels in the relaxation of home life and adores the special moments with his family.

The Sense of Intimacy
The fragrance projects the edgy, sexy side of David. A modern woody-spicy accord radiating warmth and sensuality.

It leads with the intense freshness and sparkle of bergamot, tangy grapefruit zest and zingy cardamom. Awakening the senses and the appetite for life.

The excitement rises with a brilliant contrast of sexy violet and a spicy, virile blend of nutmeg and star anise.

Warm, sensual undertones of sandalwood, patchouli and amber create an unforgettable, intimate essence.

A heady mix of energy, vibrancy, comfort and warmth.

A statement of sophistication

intimately Beckham's stunning glass bottle, radiating the warmth of the amber fragrance, is the epitome of sophistication. Combined with the crystal-clear cap and signature diamond base, this statement-making flacon evokes a world of intimacy and luxury.

The intricately embossed carton, proudly bearing the David and Victoria Beckham crest, picks up the understated colour theme, which is carried over to the intimately BECKHAM for Him grooming and body care line.

intimately BECKHAM for Him

The line-up

Eau de Toilette 30 ml $39, 50 ml $55, 75 ml $75
After Shave Lotion 75 ml $55
Body Spray 200 ml $25
Deodorant Stick 200ml $25

intimately BECKHAM for Her

Shimmering elegance, self assured style, the intimacy of Victoria Beckham

Very much her own woman, multi-talented Victoria Beckham wears success both naturally and beautifully.

Today, her personal magnetism and chic sense of style keep her in the spotlight, as she pursues her role as wife, mother, style icon and businesswoman...

Victoria Beckham's easy going, down-to-earth personality radiates her distinctive appeal and accessibility wrapped in an aura of sensuality, sophistication and pure elegance. She brings together the assurance of femininity, the softness of motherhood and the enjoyment of friendship.

The closeness of sensuality

The first feminine fragrance, bearing the Beckham monogram, conveys the essence of the Victoria known only to the people closest to her.

An opulent bouquet of white flowers opens with the pure fresh notes of bergamot and rose petals that linger on the skin. Announcing the arrival of something special, something different.

The exquisite heart of Casablanca lily, sublime tuberose and sensual orange blossom leads to a seductive base of voluptuous vanilla, rich sandalwood and elegant, sensual layer of musk.

All woman, all self assurance, multi faceted and all inspiring....

The embodiment of luxury and style

The beautifully faceted bottle with its crystal-clear cap echoes its masculine partner but radiates sensual soft pink tones - a statement of underplayed sophistication and femininity. A world of intimacy and luxury.

Again the intricately embossed carton, proudly bearing the David and Victoria Beckham crest, picks up the colour theme, which is carried over to the intimately BECKHAM for Her body care line.

intimately BECKHAM for Her
The line-up
Eau de Toilette 30 ml $39, 50 ml $55, 75 ml $65
Body Silk Lotion 200 ml $25
Shower Gel 150ml $ 25
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