The Flip Out: Sam Kerr: Kicking Goals

The Flip Out: Sam Kerr: Kicking Goals

Kicking Goals, the debut middle-grade series of Australian soccer superstar Sam Kerr, is based on her life story that details when she moved away from playing Aussie Rules simply because there wasn't a girls' team for her to join.  With encouragement from her family, who told her not to give up, Sam soon discovers soccer, and so the story begins.


In The Flip Out, the first book in the series, readers discover how tough it was to learn all the rules and positions of this new game and play in a new team - but very soon it starts to feel more and more natural for Sam, and before she realises,she's fallen in love with soccer.


Sam says: "Through these books, I hope to share some of my personal stories of growing up, of pushing boundaries and chasing my dreams.  I can't wait to bring the readers on this journey with me.'


Packaged to appeal to girls and boys, fans of Billie B Brown, Go Girl and Tiny Timmy will love Kicking Goals!  The second book in the series, A New Knight is due for publication in December.


Currently, more than 2 million people areplaying soccer in Australia. For children aged 6-13, soccer has a participation rate of 48.7% making it just aspopular as swimming for the most playedsport in that age group.


Kicking Goals: The Flip Out

Sam Kerr

Simon & Schuster

RRP: $14.99