Land Of Stories: A Grimm Warning

Land Of Stories: A Grimm Warning

Twins Alex and Conner Bailey are separated for the first time in their lives: Alex has stayed in the magical Land of Stories, while Conner returned to a normal life in the -real world'.

… Or so he thinks! When Conner discovers a series of clues left by the famous Brothers Grimm, he and his classmate Bree embark on a scavenger hunt that warns them of coming danger for the fairy-tale world. Conner and Bree must join forces to find their way to the Land of Stories – and as they grow closer, Conner does the unthinkable: he develops a crush on Bree!

Meanwhile, Alex is hard at work studying magic with the Fairy Godmother. But when Conner and Alex are reuinted, they make a shocking discovery…

Chris Colfer is a Golden Globe-winning actor best known for his role as -Kurt Hummel' on Glee. He was recently honoured as a member of the 2011 TIME 100, Time Magazine's annual list of the one hundred most influential people in the world. Colfer adapted 'The Little Leftover Witch," a pilot for the Disney Channel based on the children's book of the same name by Florence Laughlin. This is Chris' third novel in The Land of Stories series.

Land Of Stories: A Grimm Warning
Hachette Australia
Author: Chris Colfer
ISBN: 9780349124377
RRP: $24.99


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