Leopard Dreaming

Leopard Dreaming

Mira Chambers has an infallible talent for solving mysteries ... but using it always gets her into worse trouble.

Having spent half her life in asylums, Mira discovers a sense of self-worth, finally, in helping victims of crime. When the matron who helped Mira to regain her independence is abducted, she attempts to save her with the help of ex-army lieutenant, Adam Lockman. But Freddie Leopard, a dangerous sociopath, tries to destroy Lockman′s reputation... and Mira.

Cut off and alone for the first time in her life, Mira is swept into a world of conspiracies and betrayals, where her dream of achieving a normal life is constantly thwarted by the far darker desires of her enemies.

Layers of secrets unravel as her world falls apart - until the ultimate sacrifice presents a chance to save her friend and revisit her lost love in the ′echoes of yesterday.′

A. A. Bell ′s short story Diamond Eyes won Highly Commended in the 2008 FAW Jim Hamilton Awards She also won the 2011 and 2012 Norma K Hemming award for Hindsight and Diamond Eyes. She has published non-fiction bestsellers about finance and donates her time to speak to groups on this subject. She also enjoys sharing her passion for creative writing with school groups of all ages. She lives near Brisbane with her partner and children.

Leopard Dreaming
Harper Collins Australia
Author: A. A. Bell
ISBN: 9780732291389
Price: $22.99


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