Lift your game, lift weights!

Lift your game, lift weights!
What was once thought of as a male only domain, ''the gym '' is now becoming increasingly popular for females and the older generation....

Latest research shows that exercise, especially strength training, increases bone density for both men and women, and this is vitally important to women because of the risk of osteoporosis in later life.
Strength training also has positive mental effects, such as an increase in self-confidence, posture and outlook on life.

You don't need to be at the gym every day or hour on end to enjoy the benefits.

2-3, 30-minute sessions of lightweights with a minimal rest period (1-2 minutes between sets) will make an enormous difference to your body shape and metabolism.

See your local gym instructor for advice on the best program for you or if you are after a range of exercises with instructions and technique go to the exercise library @

So if you have now answered to yourself:
1. '' I don't have time''.
2. '' The gym is too expensive , I don't have the money''.
3. '' I don't like gyms, there are too many posers''.

Well that's fine because I have the answer for you !!

You can set up your own mini - gym at home for a minimal outlay.
You will need:
1. 1 set of 5-10 lb dumbbells ( approx. $20)
2. A pair of supportive sports shoes ( which you most likely have)
3. An exercise bike (every garage sale has one -there are heaps for approx .
4. A skipping rope ( approx $10)
5. And an optional Fit ball ( approx $40)

Total Outlay = $80

Follow a program of 2 aerobic workouts per week ( bike, run, fast walk, skip) combined with 2 strength training sessions per week ( dumbbell exercises, sit-ups, pushups, dips, chins etc) or a combination of everything together in the 1 workout (circuit training) and you will be well on the way to the look you want for Summer and with the money saved you can take an extra holiday!!!

Enjoy the Olympics, and Go Australia, bring home the Gold!!

DEAN PIAZZA is the writer and fitness advisor for GETFIT.COM.AU

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- Dean Piazza