Mackenzie Meaning in Madness

Mackenzie Meaning in Madness

In recognition of mental health awareness month, Straight Up Impact is launching the first film, titled MACKENZIE, in a new three-part short-film series Meaning in Madness. This series explores some of the systemic issues contributing to so many of today's youth being plagued by ANXIETY, DEPRESSION, ADDICTION and worst of all SUICIDE. Each film follows a real teen or young adult struggling with these issues. 

MACKENZIE, follows a 17-year-old high school senior who shares her personal story about how the education system created an environment leaving her feeling anxious, depressed, and believing her worth was nothing more than a number out of 100. 

Hosted by American rapper, spoken word artist, and civil rights activist Prince EA


Mackenzie is a short film aimed at opening the eyes of educators, parents and kids that they are not defined by a number or score on their test.  Mackenzie wants to share her voice and experience to let others know that we all have a sense of meaning an purpose and you need to connect your passion and search for your meaning that makes you feel valid and useful.  This film tackles suicide, depression, anxiety and the education system and how students feel the pressure.


Izzy and Makani then talk about how the Mackenzie movie, how affected them and what there experiences in school have been, the struggles they have encounted and what the long term effects have been.


The film talks about the schools and the education system and how it's failing those how stuggle to be the perfect A student, unable to keep up with the pressures and feeling like they are a failure, resulting in anxiety, depression and sometimes suicide.