Miley Cyrus: Good Girl/Bad Girl

Miley Cyrus: Good Girl/Bad Girl

Miley Cyrus: Good Girl/Bad Girl

'It was August 2013 – the night of the MTV VMAs – and all hell was about to break loose in Brooklyn, New York. From demure Disney princess to defiantly debauched fallen angel, this was the moment when chameleonic Miley Cyrus would formally come of age."

On the eve of her arrival in Australia for her Bangerz world tour, comes an unauthorised tell-all biography on Miley Cyrus, one of the biggest stars of the decade. Cyrus thrives on scandal and courts controversy wherever she goes. But what happened to that sweet, chaste Disney star?

Miley Cyrus: Good Girl / Bad Girl by Chloé Govan charts the controversial journey of a shy, innocent child star from America's Deep South – from her early fame on the Disney TV series Hannah Montana to her sexually liberated pop image that has made headlines around the world.

This showbiz story takes us back to Miley's roots and to the rural Kentucky upbringing of her one-hit wonder father Billy Ray, whose against-the-odds fame would shape her own future destiny. With exclusive interviews with figures from Miley's past – from close childhood friends to those who attended church with her in a quiet and close-knit community – author Chloé Govan promises to separate fact from fiction, and publicity stunt from personality growth. From partying, smoking, twerking and dancing provocatively on stage, Govan explores the psychology behind Miley's dramatic transformations and gets to the bottom of exactly what makes the multi-faceted Miley Cyrus tick.

Chloé Govan has written about travel, lifestyle and music for a variety of publications including Travel Weekly, the Times and Real Travel, where she has a monthly column. She is also the author of Taylor Swift: Nashville Teen, Katy Perry: A Life of Fireworks, Rihanna: Rebel Flower and Christina Aguilera: Unbreakable, also published by Omnibus Press.

Miley Cyrus: Good Girl/Bad Girl
Omnibus Press
Author: Chloé Govan
RRP: $19.95

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