Mudderella Melbourne

Mudderella Melbourne

Mudderella Melbourne

Women challenged to Own Their Strength, Work Together, and Have Fun at Obstacle Course Event Created by Women, for Women


Mudderella – the full-day athletic event series and experience for women by women graced Melbourne today. This Australian-first event encourages Aussie women to take a well-deserved break from routine, be strong, have fun and step into the mud!


Thousands of Australian women from all walks of life descended on St Anne's winery turned-obstacle course to tackle a set of fun and challenging obstacles including slippery slides, narrow tunnels, tire swings, and a whole lot of mud!


The event, which is not timed, is drawn from the idea of giving women a new way to think about fitness as there is more to life than going to the gym. Mudderella inspires teamwork and unlocks a sense of accomplishment unlike anything else, empowering women to 'Own Your Strong' and take pride in their strength.


Across 9 kilometres of muddy obstacle course, there was a total 15 obstacles designed to test balance, full-body strength, agility and teamwork. Fitness is not one-size-fits all, everyone deserves an amazing experience and that is what Mudderella offers.


It's about more than just the obstacle course challenge, it's a full day experience focused on women and their friends, families and support system coming together, having fun, and taking pride in their strength – inside and out.


Australian first, exciting obstacles, teamwork and even more fun than ever

Mudderella's Course Designers have been hard at work designing and building the world's best obstacles for the event, showcasing a wide range of fun and challenging obstacles, including:

"Hat Trick" – Trampoline onto a cargo net, climb up a wall and shoot down a slippery slide into a muddy pool; its three obstacles in one that tests agility, strength and fearlessness.

"Wheels in Motion" – Mudders attempt to swing from tire to tire to make it across a muddy path without falling – timing and balance are key.

"Squeeky Clean" - Don't let the name fool you. Mudders will be getting slippery and slimy as they crawl their way through this a tunnel of suds.

Beyond the course, Mudderella offers a full day experience celebrating women's strength – inside and out. The day begins with The Works, to help participants look the part before they run, followed by a Stretch and Strengthen session.

The Rinse and Revive station features showers, food, music and entertainment to help participants freshen up and relax after completing the course.

Men are encouraged to join teams in support of their wives, daughters, sisters, mothers, friends and coworkers. All are welcome to come out to Mudderella as spectators, with activities for the whole family.

The majestic St Anne's Winery at Myrniong is set to serve up thick scrubby bush, open farmland and wicked mud – making it one of the most unique Mudderella courses on the planet.


For more info check out the Mudderella website, or be inspired by checking out the event video here.