Netball is an international sport and can be enjoyed by people of all ages, shapes and abilities. It is the most popular women's sport in Australia with an estimated total of 1.2 million netball players in Australia. Internationally, netball is played in approximately fifty countries. Traditionally, netball is a winter sport, but with increased competitions, the game is now played all year round.

While netball has been a sport that was mainly the domain of women and girls, more men are becoming attracted to the game because of the level of skills involved. At a higher level, netball becomes a very tactical game that requires great skill. Men are more commonly seen playing indoor netball because of the popularity of men's and mixed competitions.


Netball involves little contact as possible.
Netball doesn't tolerate bad sportsmanship from its players.


Netball is contested between two teams of seven players.
Players can only move in strictly defined areas.
There are two umpires to a game.
The playing positions are:
GS Goal Shooter
GA Goal Attack
WA Wing Attack
C Centre
WD Wing Defence
GD Goal Defence
GK Goal Keeper


The game promotes sportsmanship, teamwork and is a highly skilled game.
Great opportunity to meet and make new friends.
Increased fitness level.

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