Oink!: A Book of Fun for Pig Lovers

Oink!: A Book of Fun for Pig Lovers

A Book of Fun for Pig Lovers

Pigs rock! And more and more people " including superstars such as George Clooney and Miley Cyrus " have discovered all the delightful characteristics that make them such endearing pets. Pigs are smart, they can learn tricks, they're actually incredibly clean, and they're communicative, social animals.

Oink is celebration of these wonderful creatures and the perfect gift for anyone who has ever fallen under a pig's spell! Featuring memorable quotes from people such as Winston Churchill, George Bernard Shaw, John Howard, Shelley Duvall and A.A. Milne, each accompanied by a beautiful photograph, this is a book that's guaranteed to make you smile.

Renée Hollis is an author and photographer. Her love for pigs began when a litter of piglets was born on her birthday and one was named after her. Since then Renée has discovered that pigs are playful, sensitive, intelligent animals. Oink is her tribute to these amazing creatures. Renée is also the author of Keepers of History and the upcoming 'Timeless Wisdom' Series.

Exisle Publishing
Author: Renée Hollis
ISBN: 9781925820102
RRP: $29.99