Millennium Girl's Party Essentials

Millennium Girl's Party Essentials
So it's that time of the week, it's Friday night, you've finished school/work and you're up for a big night. You shower, wash your hair, put on your make-up and get dressed. Finally the moment has come; it's time to leave for that 'party.' Although you think you have planned everything to the minute, as your cab (or friends) beeps for you out the front, you realize there's a few things you may have forgotten and you start running hysterically about the house looking for things you may need to take with you.... Lipstick, oh no what was the colour you put on? How much money did you need? What? You need your key-card! And wasn't there something else? Oh god, you have no pockets. The handbag, where is it?

After discussing this issue with my friends, we're managed to narrow it down somewhat. However we have decided that you do need a bag of some kind. If you are not a bag person (no matter what the size is) maybe you can 'shack-up' in your friends bag. In fact if you get smart, and you were going out with a group of friends, you could 'pool' the bag and all take turns baby sitting it. Mind you, that might mean you need to take an overnight bag.

It is also important to put the bag factor and party essentials into your schedule of getting ready for the night, that way you won't be running about at the last minute.

What you really need!

The absolute essentials

· Money - Either cash or a key card. Both have good and bad points. It depends which you care about losing the most (not that we want this to happen, but it does and it can). Always make sure you have enough money to get home, even if you stash some at home for the cab ride home. If you think you're getting a lift home with friends, something may happen, so always be prepared.

· ID - It doesn't matter how old you think you look, or if you think you're not going anywhere after the party, chances are if you don't take your ID you'll end up needing it.

· Lipstick - If you really have to, then we will allow lip liner, but remember it's your bag.

· Condoms - A single girl's party must. Even if you have no intention of having sex that night, you never know what's going to happen, and you don't want to have unprotected sex (especially if you have only met him that night - the pill is no excuse).

· Tampons - If you don't know your cycle, then it's important to always carry two of these everywhere you go. There will always a friend who's forgotten hers. Girls must stick together on the tampon issue.

· Mobile - Now there was some debate about this item, because if you are out socializing then you shouldn't really need one, and then there's the chance of losing it. But on the other hand, mobiles are always missed if you need to call a cab, or if you lose your friends.

· Safety pins - Now it doesn't take much room to put a couple of these in your bag. I recently experienced the 'broken back zipper.' Not a good look at all!

· 2 Paracetamol - This does not interfere with alcohol (aspirin does, so don't take that). You never know when you may find yourself with headache, menstrual cramps, or the fact you may not wake up at home. So if you wake with a thudding headache from listening to loud music all night (yes the music what else would it be from?)

· Gum - A must for fresh breath!

Now that sounds a lot, doesn't it?

But it's not when you look at it like this: Money, ID, lipstick, condoms, tampons, mobile, safety pins, paracetamol, gum.

Not so essential items

· Small mirror
· Hair pins
· Compact comb
· Concealer
· Eyeliner

Now you just have to choose a matching bag to fit all of this in!

- Louise Ganey