Pip Russell Get Your Break! Television Presenters Interview

Pip Russell Get Your Break! Television Presenters Interview

Get Your Break: Exclusive Interviews with Young Australian TV Presenters
What do you need to be the next Getaway reporter or Channel [V] VJ? Why is children's television the best training ground for new presenters? How do you hook a talent manager?

Get Your Break! Television Presenters - the first of three titles launching Red Hill Press' Get Your Break!™ series in affiliation with the Reach Foundation (www.reach.org.au) that asks young high-profile presenters including Jules Lund, Fuzzy Agolley, Allison Langdon, Carrie Bickmore and Danny Clayton what it takes to get your break in Australian TV.

In conversational Q&A interviews, reporters and presenters from subscription and free-to-airtelevision - Saturday Disney, Kids WB, Totally Wild, Toasted tv, Getaway, The 7pm Project,Channel Nine News, Postcards, Video Hits, The Circle, Channel [V], MTV, ABC3, and Nickelodeon - tell you what the job involves both on and off screen and what theexecutive producers of those programs/channels look for in presenting talent.

Every aspect of the television industry is explored - from what makes an audition-worthy showreel and when/how to send it in, to what to expect in an audition; from voiceover and on camera skills, to interviewing techniques, tips for dealing with nerves, and advice for live TV and sharing the screen with a co-host.

Get Your Break! Television Presenters
Red Hill Press
ISBN: 9780980829129
Price: $29.99

Interview with Pip Russell

Question: Why did you choose to participate in the Get Your Break! Book series?

Pip Russell: I thought it would be a perfect opportunity to let aspiring tv presenters know that there are many avenues to get in to this kind of work. I also really wanted to burst the bubble that to be on tv you need to look or act a certain way, and be something you're not. I thought it was really important to let people wanting to get in to this industry that it's not the case- especially with kids tv (or in my case anyway). No one should ever pretend to be something they're not, so I take any chance I can have to get that message out there

Question: How do you get on a TV show like Totally Wild?

Pip Russell: You need to be on the radar of the tv producers and show that you're natural in front of the camera and have a love for the outdoors, adventure, animals, the environment, and a love for life. If you can get your parents or friend to film you on a little handycam doing a little spiel about yourself and showing your personality (it doesn't have to be perfect or professional) then I think that's a great way to get noticed.

Question: Why is children's television the best training ground for new presenters?

Pip Russell: I will always be grateful to Channel 10 for giving me the opportunities and experiences I've had. We aren't just presenting, but researching and writing scripts, and producing the shows as we film them. If you've got the work environment and bosses that are keen to develop these skills- kids tv is the perfect place to learn them. And let's be honest- it's loads of fun! I have been able to do pretty much anything I've thought of- from motocross riding, to skiing in Japan!

Question: What do you enjoy most about your job?

Pip Russell: The people I work with and the people I get to meet.

Question: What advice do you have for young people looking to break into the television presenters industry?

Pip Russell: Just be yourself- and don't take it personally if you aren't picked for a role. You could be really fun and confident on camera, but it may come down to the fact that they already have someone with a similar look and personality to you, and the producers of the show need to make sure they keep a balance to appeal to all audiences

Interview by Brooke Hunter

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