Plants Of Power

Plants Of Power

Discover. Know. Grow.

In these times of climate change and uncertainty, people everywhere are looking for ways to reclaim their relationship with the land and take back their health and confidence with the help of plants.

Plants of Power is a modern guide to the foundational plants you can grow in your own garden apothecary. Reconnect with the natural world, discover age-old wisdom and tap into the power of plants to help us, whether for mood, healing, love or other aspects of our lives.

Discover 66 amazing easy-to-grow plants that can change a garden - and a life! Detailed information and growing advice on 66 Plants of Power. Discover the history, mythos, magic and medicinal benefits of these plants. Fantastic recipes and plant projects to try. Planting guide by the seasons gives you the best chance of growing success. Learn all about wild foraging. A treasure trove of tips on successful propagation and cultivation.

Join Stacey Demarco and Miranda Mueller for a stroll through the seasonal wheel of growing, foraging and harvesting these most powerful plant allies, whether for medicine, food or a little touch of magic.

Getting your hands in the dirt has never been so much fun!

About the Authors
Stacey Demarco is a bestselling author who specialises in pagan, nature and mythos-based subjects. She is internationally respected, with works translated into many different languages. She is the author of the popular annual Lunar and Seasonal Diary for both the Northern and Southern hemispheres and is known widely as 'the Modern Witch'. Stacey has an eclectic collection of plant friends and seed saves and lives in Sydney's Northern Beaches in a small house with a big garden with her husband, animal companions and about 10,000 bees. Her favourite plant is chickweed because, being clumsy, she often finds an anti-inflammatory very handy.

Miranda Mueller is a permaculturalist who lives with her husband and two children, chickens and other animals in the Dandenong Ranges. She runs a successful herb and vegetable seedling nursery encompassing a gardening business and teaches permaculture from the home farm. Miranda regularly opens the farm gates to encourage others to reconnect with the art of growing food, for people's health as well as for the earth's wellbeing. Her favourite plant is the dandelion, a plant that has been labelled a weed, yet delivers so much wisdom and nutrition whilst growing in the cracks of concrete!

Plants of Power
Stacey Demarco & Miranda Mueller
Rockpool Publishing
ISBN: 9781925924350
RRP: $39.99

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