Radiance Britney Spears

Radiance Britney Spears

radiance Britney Spears

Music icon, recording artist, and entertainer Britney Spears continues to shine with the newest addition to her best-selling fragrance franchise, radiance Britney Spears&trade. In partnership with Elizabeth Arden, Britney Spears' alluring new scent has been launched.

A brilliant white floral, radiance Britney Spears&trade embodies Britney's confident and alluring persona.It represents the woman who doesn't look to fate and fortune to decide her future.

"I love the feminine scent of my new perfume radiance. It has the power to make any woman feel beautiful," said Britney Spears.

"We are proud of our success with Britney in the fragrance category. The Britney Spears fragrance business is a global franchise equally successful in the United States, as well as abroad," said Ronald Rolleston, Executive Vice President for Global Fragrance Marketing at Elizabeth Arden.

The Inspiration
Every woman wonders what the future holds?will she be happy? Will she find love? But it's the moment she realises that she has the power to decide her own fate that she is truly illuminated. Britney, poised and ready to choose her own destiny, takes us on a captivating journey that leads to self discovery. She's transformed into her most luminous and confident self.

The Fragrance
Perfumers and co-creators Honorine Blanc and Harry Fremont were inspired by Britney's spirited sensuality and magnetic energy. During the creation of the fragrance, each ingredient was handpicked to express the essence of Britney Spears. Luscious berries and dewy petals unfold to reveal a radiant heart of luminous pure white flowers, lit from within by the glow of precious amber,woods and sexy musk.

Alluring: Top notes of luscious wild berries and soft dewy petals convey a feeling of unparalleled allure.
Sensual: In the radiant heart, a pure white bouquet of tuberose, jasmine, orange flower and iris exudes an unforgettable feminine aura.
Captivating: Captivating cashmere woods and luminous amber are wrapped in the sensual glow of skinmusk.

The Packaging
The bottle is an exquisite silhouette of vibrant pink, smoky blue and translucent crystal gemstones. The carton, framedwith luminous jewels, creates an eye-catching sparkle.

radiance Britney Spears
Eau de Parfum Spray, 50ml RRP: $69.00
Eau de Parfum Spray, 100ml RRP: $89.00
Body Souffle, 200ml RRP: $39.00

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