Rainforest Hair Care Collection

Rainforest Hair Care Collection

Eco-Conscious Rainforest Hair Care with Organic Amazonian Pracaxi Oil.

Discover gorgeous hair with a global first from The Body Shop. New high-performance hair products stamped with the pioneering 'ecoconscious' symbol to highlight the ecological standards each product meets.

Your hair can look and feel naturally beautiful, while helping to protect our planet, with eco-conscious products that are respectful to the aquatic environment. Each product from the Rainforest Hair Care Collection is free of silicones, colourants and parabens. Let your hair bathe in the luxurious benefits of 100% biodegradable, organic Amazonian pracaxi oil.

To bring out the beauty of your hair The Body Shop have developed four new ranges to suit all hair needs; Moisture, Shine, Radiance and Balance. Discover the benefits of manketti oil, caméline seed oil or bilberry oil - and organic pracaxi oil, which is used across the entire hair care range. Sourced from the seed of the pracaxi tree that grows organically in the Amazonian rainforest, a few drops of this oil turn even the most difficult hair into manageable, shiny strands, boosting softness when hair is both wet and dry, helping you style and comb your hair easily. Pracaxi oil is also 100% natural, biodegradable, organic, non-irritant, and does not have a 'build-up effect' on hair - it is the perfect alternative to hair weighed down or coated in silicones.

This hair care range is the very first from The Body Shop to carry its unique 'eco-conscious' product symbol. To meet ecological standards, each product has been carefully formulated and tested to be: non-toxic to organisms that live in water; highly biodegradable: and use minimal packaging. So you can look and feel your best, knowing that products with this symbol meet the highest eco-conscious The Body Shop standards.

Indulge your ecological - conscience!

The Body Shop has a strong heritage of launching pioneering new initiatives. The brand is recognised around the world for introducing new concepts that have become established around the world - from its 'Against Animal Testing' policy, to the groundbreaking Community Fair Trade programme. It is now the first international beauty brand to launch an 'eco-conscious' product standard.

All The Body Shop products meet environmental standards, however the new 'eco-conscious' standard is awarded to those products that take a further step in respecting our natural environment. Products carrying the 'eco-conscious' symbol go through rigorous testing to ensure they meet our three tough eco-conscious standards:

1. Respect The Aquatic Environment
We choose our materials carefully and only use ingredients known to be non-toxic to organisms that live in water. First we choose each raw material carefully, and only use substances that are non-toxic, non-bioaccumulative and non-persistent in the environment. Then as a final check, we test the formula to ensure it is non-toxic. This approach to product formulation ensures that the product respects the aquatic environment, and the organisms that live within it.

2. Readily and Rapidly Biodegradable
Lather up the eco-conscious way and once the bubbles wash down the plughole, the shampoo or conditioner you have enjoyed will rapidly and readily biodegrade. All the foaming ingredients in the formula are highly biodegradable, and at least 75% of the carbonbased substances are biodegradable.

3. Limit Packaging Waste
The Body Shop is committed to ensure that all eco-conscious products use the minimum amount of packaging. We aim to use the minimum amount of packaging materials for products. We measure the weight and volume of packaging relative to its contents, and our pack-to-content ratio will never exceed 0.2 grams of packaging per gram of product. We also use recycled materials wherever practical. For the new hair care range, the bottles used are also 100% PCR (post-consumer recyclate).

Protecting the Natural Environment
As a result of human settlement and the development of the land, including logging for short-term profit, we know that large sections of rainforests around the world have been destroyed. To protect trees and wildlife in the Atlantic rainforest of Brazil, in partnership with the World Land Trust, The Body Shop is securing this section of rainforest.

You can get closer to this reserve, by visiting The Body Shop website, where a live webcam can transport you to the deepest, darkest rainforest with just a click of a mouse, www.thebodyshop.com.According to the World Land Trust 55 different types of endangered mammals, including the puma, ocelot, sloth and the woolly spider monkey, which is critically endangered, can now thrive in this, their rainforest home. In partnership with the World LandTrust and a local non-governmental organisation based in Brazil, Reserva Ecologica de Guapi Assu, a wide variety of species of bird, a huge range of amphibians, reptiles and flora, can also flourish in this reserve.

Tailor-Made Hair Care
Whatever your hair type, there is a specially designed hair care regime to unveil the full beauty of your hair.

Dry, damaged locks can be revived with the Rainforest Moisture range, which helps to prevent moisture loss and restore hair's softness without weighing it down. For the firsttime we have added to our suite of award winning Body Butters, to create a Hair Butter. Now you can pamper your hair with luxurious rich and creamy Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter, for a weekly moisture surge

For glossy head-turning, indulge in the Rainforest Shine regime, which removes dulling residue and delivers incredible light-reflecting shine

Colour treated hair can retain its vibrancy with the help of the Rainforest Radiance range, which helps to protect against colour fade

The Rainforest Balance products reduce excess oil and refresh the hair, for a just washed look that lasts all day. Naturally, these products also benefit from a blend of specially selected Community Fair Trade ingredients sourced from expert suppliers from around the world, including organic olive oil from Italy, Brazil nut oil from Peru and honey from Ethiopia. By offering a guaranteed trade at a fair price, the pioneering Community Fair Trade programme helps marginalised communities with limited employment opportunities improve their way of life and protect their local environments.

All products in the Rainforest Moisture range are enriched with pracaxi oil, moisturising manketti nut oil, from the little-known manketti tree which grows in hot climates, and Community Fair Trade honey. These products are perfect to help prevent moisture loss, restoring the hair's softness without weighing it down.

Rainforest Moisture Shampoo
Gently cleanses to help restore moisture and improve the hair's softness without weighing it down, for a smooth and shiny finish. Quench dry tresses with this gently cleansing shampoo that helps to limit moisture loss. Hair is left soft, glossy and tangle-free. Simply lather a hazelnut-sized amount of shampoo between palms before applying to hair and rinse thoroughly with water. Sulphate free.
Rainforest Moisture Shampoo - 60ml $6.95; 250ml $18.95

Rainforest Moisture Conditioner
The perfect partner to the Moisture Shampoo, this rich and caring conditioner reduces moisture loss, helping to restore the hair's softness without weighing it down, giving a shiny, tangle-free finish. Simply lather a hazelnut-sized amount of conditioner between palms before applying to hair, comb through to the ends, and rinse thoroughly with water.
Rainforest Moisture Conditioner -60ml $6.95; 250ml $18.95

Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter
As a weekly indulgence, smooth this intensively moisturising hair treatment through damp hair after shampooing. The Hair Butter helps to retain moisture in the hair, for locks that are super-soft and ultra glossy. For a weekly hair treat, smooth through damp hair and leave for five minutes. Rinse thoroughly using warm water.
Rainforest Moisture Hair Butter - 200ml $26.95

Rainforest SHINE
For normal to dry hair
This shine-enhancing collection features pracaxi oil as well as caméline seed oil, which is similar to flaxeed, and Community Fair Trade organic olive oil, to help remove dulling residue from hair and helps it look gorgeously glossy.

Rainforest Shine Shampoo
Revitalise hair with this gentle yet effective shampoo that cleanses to remove dulling residues for incredible light-reflective shine. Regular use increases hair radiance. Simply lather a hazelnut-sized amount of shampoo between palms before applying to hair and rinse thoroughly with water. Sulphate free.
Rainforest Shine Shampoo - 60ml $6.95; 250ml $18.95

Rainforest Shine Conditioner
Condition and smooth the hair's surface. Enjoy sensationally shiny locks with this caring conditioner that smooths the hair's surface for a beautiful light reflective shine. Simply lather a hazelnut-sized amount of conditioner between your palms before applying to your hair, comb through to the ends, and rinse thoroughly with water.
Rainforest Shine Conditioner - 60ml $6.95; 250ml $18.95

For dry or damaged hair
Revel in radiant looking hair and bring out it's vibrancy. Ideal for colour treated hair, the Rainforest Radiance range - featuring pracaxi oil, bilberry extract and linseed oil - removes dulling residue that reduces colour vibrancy, to enhance shine.

Rainforest Radiance Shampoo
Rainforest Radiance Shampoo gently cleanses hair to remove dulling residues, reduce colour fade, protect vibrancy and enhance shine. Simply lather a hazelnutsized amount of shampoo between palms before applying to hair and rinse thoroughly with water. Sulphate free.
Rainforest Radiance Shampoo - 60ml $6.95; 250ml $18.95

Rainforest Radiance Conditioner
Conditions to reduce colour fade, protect vibrancy and enhance shine. Simply lather a hazelnut-sized amount of conditioner between palms before applying to hair, comb through to the ends, and rinse thoroughly with water.
Rainforest Radiance Conditioner - 60ml $6.95; 250ml $18.95

Rainforest Balance
For oily hair: The Rainforest Balance products with pracaxi oil, white nettle extract, seaweed and Community Fair Trade organic aloe vera.

Rainforest Balance Shampoo
Cleanse to reduce excess oil for hair that looks shiny and fresh all day long. Simply lather a hazelnut-sized amount of shampoo between palms before applying to hair and rinse thoroughly with water. Sulphate free.
Rainforest Balance Shampoo - 60ml $6.95; 250ml $18.95

Rainforest Balance Conditioner
This light conditioner helps reduce excess oil to refresh hair for a glossy, just washed look that lasts throughout the day. Lather a hazelnut-sized amount of conditioner between palms before applying to hair, comb through to the ends, and rinse thoroughly with water.
Rainforest Balance Conditioner - 60ml $6.95; 250ml $18.95

The Body Shop is also launching an extensive new range of hairbrushes to help promote healthy hair. Whether you want to gently detangle, add volume or a flick, reduce blow-drying time or carry a pocket-sized brush in your bag, there's the perfect brush for you. To help protect the planet, the brushes are made from bamboo, considered a renewable resource.

Bamboo Large Paddle Brush $31.95
Detangle and transform medium to long hair into a sleek, straight mane, or add a smooth finish to curly locks with this Large Paddle Brush. The pins gently stimulate the scalp to encourage healthy hair, and regular brushing distributes the hair's natural oils from root to tip.

Bamboo Mini Hairbrush
This handy purse-sized bamboo hairbrush is perfect for on-the-go brushing.
Bamboo Mini Hairbrush - $9.95

Bamboo Large Oval Cushioned Wooden Pin
This large brush follows the contours of your head as it gently grooms your hair. Its round-tipped pins massage and stimulate the scalp to encourage healthy hair.
Bamboo Large Oval Cushioned Wooden Pin Brush - $23.95

Bamboo Large Ceramic Styling
Thermo-ceramic technology coats the metal barrel of this styling brush to retain hairdryer heat for effective styling with reduced drying time. Flexible nylon bristles grip hair for maximum control, and the specially shaped handle allows for a comfortable grip.Brilliant Brushes
Bamboo Large Ceramic Styling Brush - $35.95

The Body Shop International plc is the original ethical cosmetics company, now operating more than 2,500 stores in over 60 markets worldwide.

The Body Shop has constantly sought out wonderful natural ingredients from all four corners of the globe to bring you products bursting with effectiveness, to enhance your natural beauty. We strive to use our planet's resources wisely, searching for outstanding natural materials and ingredients from across the globe to include in our range of products.

We continue to lead the way, sourcing sustainable palm oil, introducing 100% recycled packaging, and raising funds and awareness to stop sex trafficking of children and young people, and continuing to support marginalised communities around the world through our Community Fair Trade programme.

A purchase from our Community Fair Trade programme can put a smile on faces as far away as Ghana, Nicaragua, Italy and Guatemala - improving the financial security, comfort and health resources available to farmers, producers and their families in more than 20 countries. In 1987 we launched our pioneering Community Fair Trade programme which now directly benefits over 25,000 people, as we seek to provide fair wages, for work in fair conditions, for all those involved in this unique programme.Our commitment to Community Fair Trade continues to grow, with over 65% of our products including the benefits of Community Trade.


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