Really Mental

Really Mental

Really Mental.

a conversation on mental health & identity.


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What is

Really Mental.


Really Mental is a podcast breaking down the universal issues young adults face coping with mental health, identity & self esteem.  Through open and honest conversations with Gen Z and Young Millennial guests who are living in the spotlight in the age of ever-present social media, Really Mental highlights that no matter who you are, we all face similar experiences on the path to finding ourselves.


Meet Will & Harry.

Will Hyde (22_ achieved over 65 million global streams and nearly 1M monthly listeners by the age of 18.

Harrison Kennedy (20) is a IMG Worldwide model who has worked with brands like Calvin Klein and Louis Vuitton.  The two best friends began having candid conversations about mental health together weekly over Instagram Live.  Soon more than 10K+ people were tuning in every week.


Who are the Guests.

So far podcast guests have been a diverse and inclusive range of humans from around the world whose combined social audience exceeds 100 million followers (and counting) like Johnny Orlando, Tiera Skovbye, Veondre Mitchell, Alex Aiono, Chelsea Cutler, Lexi Brumback, Lexi Jayde, Same Nelson Harris of X Ambassadors, Andrea Russett, JP Saxe, Sofya Potnikova and Heyoon Jeony of Now United, Matt Corby, Olivia Deeble, gnash and more.


Will, Harry and their guests delve deep into the formative experiences insecurities, and lessons learned growing up through compelling 40-60 minuite in-person or online conversations over Zencastr.  The edited audiio and video versions of these interviews are posted once a week with key moments cut into trailers and marketing content on socials.


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Research show that Gen Z and Young Millenials account for over 70% of consumer buying power.  Together, their generations are losing trust in large institutions while becoming deeply loyal to brands who care about transparency, societal issues, and authentic experiences like they do.