Recipes for a lifetime of Beautiful Cooking

Recipes for a lifetime of Beautiful Cooking

Danielle Alvarez's thoughtful recipes, wisdom and whimsy offer the foundations for a lifetime of joy and nourishment in the kitchen, at the table, and beyond.

Danielle Alvarez is an acclaimed restaurant chef, but Recipes for a Lifetime of Beautiful Cooking is dedicated to her favourite way of cooking: at home, for and with friends and family. It draws on her love of Italian and French food, her Cuban roots, time spent cooking in California and then in Australia, and all the incredible Asian influences that have coloured her time in Sydney.

Wherever you live, if you have a basic grocery store, you can adopt and enjoy the 100-plus recipes in this book. Every idea"from easy weeknight meals such as a hearty Cavolo nero and anchovy risotto, to more elaborate weekend projects like Sweet and sour cumin lamb shoulder, to gorgeous desserts such as Plum galette with a fennel crème anglaise"is designed to help you find happiness in your kitchen with the best that is available to you, and according to the ebbs and flows of your mood, budget and tastes.

A lifetime of beautiful home cooking starts here.

Danielle Alvarez was Executive Chef of beloved Sydney restaurant Fred's. She now has a regular column in Good Weekend and is dedicated to writing and consulting. Libby Travers is an author, food writer and food commentator.


Recipes for a lifetime of Beautiful Cooking

by Danielle Alvarez with Libby Travers

Murdoch Books

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