Recreate the best hair from the MTV 2010 Awards

Recreate the best hair from the MTV 2010 Awards

Recreate the best hair from the MTV 2010 Awards

Whitney Port, star of The Hills, The City and fashion designer, flaunted true star style on the red carpet of the MTV 2010 awards with her tumbling curls. Celebrity hair stylist Dario Cotroneo shares the secret to recreating this glamorous look at home.

Using 2 MYCURLs:
1.Tie your hair into a low ponytail above the back hairline and divide ponytail into 2 sections.
2.Spray PPS Curl Spray onto one section of hair and roll down over a MYCURL. Secure the first strap, then continue rolling the MYCURL, securing the 2nd strap at the root area.
3.Clamp your Cloud Nine straightening irons over the MYCURL for 10 seconds on 150 degress.
4.Repeat Steps 2 & 3 with the remaining section of hair, this time rolling hair in an upward direction.
5.Allow hair to cool down for 15 minutes.
6.While hair is cooling, spray hairspray onto a make-up brush and glide down over the top area to remove any frizz. Use your fingers to compress the area at the front of your face, from your eyebrows up.

Result: After hair has cooled, remove the MYCURLs and ponytail. Run your fingers through your hair, apply a gloss spray to the ends and secure into place using L'Oreal Professionel Elnet hairspray. If you like a more tousled look, spray from the mid-lengths down with Bumble & Bumble Sea Salt Spray and blowdry with a diffuser.

MyCurl has a patented technology for perfect curls and body, this heat-resistant technology allows MyCurl to be safely used with any thermal straightener to provide s-shape design results in the perfect flat curl. The carefully considered design provides a voluminous curve to your curls and a more natural finish with two straps for effortless rolling and fastening. The dual setting can be secured around hair of any texture. The beautiful, organic shape makes the MyCurl a pleasure to use.

MyCurl is a unique styling iron accessory that allows you to create gorgeous curl, volume and movement in minutes.

Each MyCurl clutch pack contains:
* 6 MyCurls, allowing you to create an infinite number of looks
* A compact travel wrap with six individual pockets, so you can safely carry your MyCurls in your handbag, beauty case or kit
* A detailed instruction booklet, including four beautiful MyCurl styles and details of the 12 month guarantee.

MyCurl suits all hair types. Very long and/or think hair may require more than one pack.