Red River Road by Anna Downes

Red River Road by Anna Downes

The dangerous thrills of solo travel come into focus in thei full-throttle twist on outback noir by the bestselling author of The Safe Place and The Shadow House.
On the vast and rugged Coral Coast of Western Australia, Katy embarks on a solo journey to track down her free-spirited sister, Phoebe. Vanishing without a trace along the same route a year prior, Phoebe's disappearance casts a long, haunting shadow over the landscape Katy travels.



But as she drives her campervan further north, Katy realises she's not as alone as she'd first believed.


Katy's search for truth behind Phoebe's disappearance takes her on a harrowing journey where the boundaries between myth and reality blur, revealing a darkness more twisted and stranger than Katy could ever have fathomed.


Red River Road is Anna's way of reconciling the allure, risks, myths, horror stories and realities of vanlife with contemporary notions of freedom, misogyny and the psychology of trauma.  After completing her own campervan trip around the Coral Coast in research for this novel, Anna brings complex characters and vivid landscapes to life.  The novel will appeal to fans of outback noir with a female focus, including Dirt Town by Hayley Scrivenor and films such as The Royal Hotel directed by Kitty Green.


Red River Road

Beware the dangers of travelling alone

by Anna Downes

Affirm Press

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