Resist: Breathe 2

Resist: Breathe 2

Resistance to the Pod Leadership has come apart. The Grove has been destroyed but so has the Pod Minister. Quinn, Bea and Alina separately must embark on a perilous journey across the planet's dead landscape in search of the rumoured resistance base Sequoia. The welcome they receive at Sequoia is not what they expect, and soon they are facing a situation that seems as threatening as that of the Pod inhabitants.

Meanwhile the former Pod Minister's son, Ronan, is beginning to have his doubts about the regime but as a member of an elite force he is sent out of the pod to hunt down the Grove's survivors. In a world in which the human race is adapting to survive with little air, the stakes are high. This action-packed sequel to Breathe is every bit as nail-biting and satisfying as its predecessor - visionary storytelling of the highest quality.

Sarah Crossan grew up in Ireland and England, and then moved to the US, where she now lives. She graduated with a degree in philosophy and literature before training as an English and drama teacher at Cambridge University. Since completing a Masters in creative writing, she has been working to promote creative writing in schools.

Resist: Breathe 2
Author: Sarah Crossan
ISBN: 9781408827208
RRP: $19.99

Interview with Sarah Crossan

Question: What inspired the idea behind the latest book in the series?

Sarah Crossan: The latest book was inspired by the first book really. But I know that a lot of what was happening in my life when I was writing Resist is probably in this book too, though of course in disguise.

Question: How does real life inspire your ideas for stories?

Sarah Crossan: Everything in life inspires my work! I hate when my husband reads my work because he sees all my experiences in my stories and it makes him laugh. It can be anything from a fall out with a friend to overhearing an interest snippet of a conversation.

Question: What was the best thing about creating the characters Quinn, Bea and Alina?

Sarah Crossan: I love how they all grow through their experiences – they learn what is best about themselves and push that part forward. When I started writing, Quinn was my favourite character, after editing I loved Bea, but now the series has come to an end I think Alina is my hero!

Question: What do you enjoy most about writing for children and young adults?

Sarah Crossan: I love meeting the readers or hearing from them via email and listening to their views on the work – it can be rather eye opening.

Question: Was it always your dream to write books?

Sarah Crossan: I never thought that writing books was something a person like me could do. I come from an ordinary family and I thought that writers came from families of journalists or university professors. Definitely, I thought I needed to have gone to a private school. It was only when I became a teacher and was encouraging teenagers to chase their dreams that I realised I never had chased my own and I better get to it – quickly!

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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