Richard Kavanagh Top Hair Tips Interview

Richard Kavanagh Top Hair Tips Interview

Richard Kavanagh Top Hair Tips Interview

Richard Kavanagh's Tips For An A-List Mane

If you've always longed for thick, luscious locks but have had to live with limp or thinning hair, don't despair. The right products and a little knowledge about the causes of thinning hair will help you have fuller, healthier locks, adding body to the most fine, thin or flyaway hair.

We all know damage and over styling are major and avoidable causes of hair thinning because weakened hair breaks more easily. Other factors are age, stress, diet, HRT, the pill and menopause which all take a noticeable toll on hair. You can always snip away dry, tatty ends, but new hair growth just won't be what it used to be.

1. Determine The Cause Of Thinning Hair
If you have thinning hair it's important to check with your doctor to determine the cause, whether it is post-pregnancy hormones or even a thyroid issue.

2. Feed Hair From The Inside
Ensure your diet contains foods rich in vitamins and minerals which can help with healthy hair growth.

Iron supplements can often reduce the amount of hair loss plus improve the quality of hair. But it is important to establish the cause of low iron; it might be due to poor diet, malabsorption, loss of blood or other reasons.

Vitamin C (found in citrus fruits) helps iron absorption, as does the amino acid Lysine. Protein foods (meat, fish, chicken, eggs, dairy, soy) are made of amino acids and the hair is mainly protein, so it's important to make sure you're getting enough.

To maintain healthy hair and boost hair growth, nutritional supplements such as Viviscal are good to take for the treatment of thinning hair. These supplements also promote existing hair growth in women and men and contain the marine protein AminoMar C as well as Biotin and Zinc, to strengthen existing hair.

3. Get Some Deep Conditioning
Exposure to the elements, frequent washing and regular heat styling can cause hair to become more brittle and weak. Keep hair moisturised frequently by using regular conditioning treatments. If you hair is thick or coarse you may want a heavier product like Redken Smooth

Down, if your hair is finer, choose a lighter moisturiser like Clear Moisture. Viviscal Gentle Shampoo and Moisturising Conditioner is also good for all hair types, making hair healthier and increasing resistance to damage and breakage.

4. Give Your Scalp Some Love
Massage your scalp with your conditioning treatment in your hair to increase scalp circulation. Coconut oil is also good for your scalp, on either wet or dry hair. Massage in circular motions around your scalp. Finish by wrapping a warm, wet towel around your head and leave on for 10 minutes for extra conditioning. 5. Volumise Volumise
Choose volumizing products including body full shampoo and clear moisture conditioner and hair styling products like Redken's Rootful and Guts. Switch to products that create volume as they contain ingredients that give hair fullness.

6. Be Clever With Colour

Create the illusion of thicker hair, by asking your stylist to anchor your colour with tonal variation to add a new dynamic to your hair.

Richard Kavanagh is an ambassador for Viviscal.

The Hair Growth Program includes Viviscal Maximum Strength® supplements for women, Viviscal Man® for men, Viviscal Gentle Shampoo, Viviscal Moisturising Conditioner and is available at leading pharmaceutical retailers across Australia.

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Richard Kavanagh Top Hair Tips Interview

Question: What are the top three hair styles for Spring Carnival?

Richard Kavanagh: Lots of people wear some sort of fascinator or hat for spring carnival, so it's best to keep the hair simple. Hair worn out and softly tousled, a simple ponytail, and a clean and simple chignon (or low bun) are three ideal styles for the races.

Question: Are these hair styles, achievable in our own homes?

Richard Kavanagh: These styles are achievable at home with the right tools, products and know-how, but there's nothing like visiting the salon for a special occasion and getting that extra polish on your look.

Question: Which products are your favourite to work with and why?

Richard Kavanagh: I generally like to work with three to four products per hairstyle depending on the hair type. If hair is dry, brittle or damaged it's great to use an oil to soften before you start blow-drying. Also, I often use a pre-heat styling product to provide heat protection before blow-drying (I like Redken Satin Wear to soften and protect thicker hair and a thickener like Redken Rootful for finer hair).

I'll often use a heat styling product like Fabricate or Hot Sets with a curling iron, then you need a great finishing product. There are a number of great products for adding extra texture or shine (depending on what your preference is). I like Redken's Glass for shine or a sea spray for texture. Fatboy Perfect Putty is great to control frizz and give a gritty piece texture. Then you need a great hairspray, choose one with a texture and hold factor you like. Some people prefer a hardcore lacquer with mega-hold, others prefer Redken flexible humidity resistant hold. Some like shine and others a satin finish.

Question: What should we expect to see, in hair trends, over the coming Summer and into 2014?

Richard Kavanagh: There are three key hair trends emerging for summer 2013 and into 2014, texture is polished and clean, shiny yet still effortless with a definite romantic seventies feel. Shapes are strong and geometric, with movement (think punchy square bobs with blunt bangs) and there is a definite leaning towards a punk aesthetic. This is not the punk of the late 70s and early 80s but a new punk vibe. An attitude of individuality and strength. Short blunt fringes, colour, short crops (think Saskia de Brauw)

Question: Which celebrity is your favourite, to work with and why?

Richard Kavanagh: I have lots of wonderful clients and to name one a favourite is tricky. Kelly Osbourne is a lot of fun and more like hanging out with a friend (plus I get on really well with her fiancé Matthew, so it feels like family).

Question: Which celebrity client surprised you, the most?

Richard Kavanagh: As far as surprises go, Lorde is probably the most incredible 16 year-old I've ever met. She is so strong and decisive and undeniably cool.

Question: What inspired your career?

Richard Kavanagh: I wanted to be an industrial chemist. I've discovered that doing hair is the perfect mix of, structure, art, science and passion. Plus, I get to hang with pretty cool people most of the day.

Question: What's next, for you?

Richard Kavanagh: Big question! I hope to continue working with all the great clients I have now. My agent is opening an office in L.A. in the new year so hopefully a few more trips to the USA, and I am going on my dream surfing holiday next year on a luxury surf charter boat in the Mentawais!

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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