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#Rio2016 Olympian Tweets

#Rio2016 Olympian Tweets

Our Australian athletes can often seem like super-humans, their dedication to their training unwavering and their strength astonishing!

Twitter has become a platform where many Olympians are going to connect with their family and friends at home and remind their fans that they spend more time on the couch and less time at the gym than we thought. 


22 Ways Olympians Are Just Like Us


Sometimes they've got do a little DIY every now and then

And they have to dress up when they might not want to

Who doesn't get frustrated when you can't catch -em all (or any!)


Sometimes it's easier just to chill on the couch watching telly


Like most Aussies, even Olympians Rowie Webster and John Peers won't travel without their Vegemite.


They (Annette Edmondson and Benn Harradine) have wacky and (sometimes) embarrassing families too!


Something, something mosquito nets. Camping?


They love to show off their new kicks


They even pretend to go to the gym just for the free aircon


And they can't help snapping a solo selfie or a selfie with mates


They celebrating their friends engagements


Getting the washing done!


Flatting with a mate


And that awkward class photo


These worldly travellers (Georgie Parks, Callum Scotson, David McKeon, Gracie Elvin and Anabelle Smith) don't mind a good old fashioned humble brag

Or playing tourist


And sometimes they just like to kick back and enjoy a day off


And they stick together with their mates


Horsing around (sometimes literally!) with Ed Jenkins, Lewi Holland and Anabelle Smith


Asking the big questions


Staying caffeinated a must!   


Did someone say pyjama party?



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