Roccella's pizza

Roccella's pizza

Leading the kitchen is Head Chef and 'Piazzola', Francesco 'Ciccio' Crifo who hails from Catania, Sicily and has over 20 years of pizza-making under his belt. Francesco follows the 'Padellino' philosophy when it comes to pizza making, with provenance at the cornerstone of his approach, crafting traditional Italian dishes using local Australian ingredients; championing the use of single-origin ancient grains and working with a handful of artisan farms.


Diners at Roccella can choose between four different grain sourdough pizza bases:


  • Traditional; Crifo's original sourdough
  • Ancient Grain; a lighter and crunchier sourdough
  • Charcoal; an activated charcoal dough made from coconut shells


Controversially, favourites on the menu include Ciccio's pineapple pizza, the Smoky Ananas - a creative spin on a Hawaiian pizza and an Australian favourite - that has converted even the most orthodox Italians and a true representation of the two places that Ciccio now calls home.


The charcoal base is infused with the fermented juices of smoked pineapple, charred in the pizza oven, topped with creamy Fior di Latte, salty 24-month aged prosciutto, charred pineapple pieces, and perfectly balanced with the acidic sweetness of a balsamic vincotto glaze and cracked black pepper (read more from Ciccio here).


Situated right next to Fitzroy Gardens, the restaurant is also in a prime location to enjoy the summer season, as you can takeaway delicious slices to sit and eat in the park.