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Sarah Murdoch Register4

Sarah Murdoch Register4

Sarah Murdoch, Patron of the National Breast Cancer Foundation has launched a viral video about Register4, Australia's first online community where you can register to voluntarily participate in breast cancer research.

The video which is available via YouTube encourages everyone to join the Register4 community and opens with a powerful statement by Sarah Murdoch saying that any one of us could hold the answer to finding a cure for breast cancer.

'Breast cancer is the most commonly diagnosed cancer among women in Australia. One in nine women are expected to be diagnosed with breast cancer and research is our only path to finding a cure. Our aim is to encourage people to register and then forward the video onto at least four people they care about because the more people who join Register4, the better the chance we have of finding a cure."

By creating an online community of people willing and keen to accelerate research, Register4 will remove this logjam in the research system. For example, it took researchers 10 years to recruit and collect data from 10 000 women for the Australian Breast Cancer Family Study. With Register4, this could be done in just a couple of days.

An initiative of the National Breast Cancer Foundation, Register4 was launched in October 2010 by Sarah Murdoch and now has a critical mass of over 28, 000 members. It aims to find a cure for breast cancer, by matching breast cancer researchers with registered people willing to participate in their studies.

'Your involvement in Register4 can be as simple as filling out a questionnaire or helping us to spread the word by forwarding this video on to as many people as possible. Anyone can register - you don't have to have breast cancer to help us find answers." concluded Mrs Murdoch.

The National Breast Cancer Foundation now has a research project running for those who wish to take part. The Baseline Health & Lifestyle Questionnaire has been developed by some of Australia's Epidemiologists, and will allow researchers to investigate potential links between breast cancer and factors such as lifestyle and genetics.

If you are 18 years and over, join Register4 by visiting
To view the Register4 video, visit


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