Scratch Super Puppy Pack

Scratch Super Puppy Pack

Christmas is nearly upon us, and for many Australian families, that means welcoming a new arrival into the family: a new dog! For some, it's buying a puppy as a Christmas present for their partner or the kids, and for others it's taking advantage of the warmer weather for outdoor training.


To make life easier for new puppy parents, Scratch Dog Food has released its Super Puppy Pack just in time for Christmas.


The carefully curated Super Puppy Pack has everything a new dog parent needs to train around the house, stroll the streets, play in the yard and look damn cute while doing so.

Priced at only $99, the pack includes:


●      4kg of any Scratch recipe: Premium, nutritionally balanced dog food to keep your pup healthy and happy.

●      Pack of Scratch Peanut Butter Treats: Irresistible treats crafted with love, perfect for training and rewarding good behaviour.

●      Best Behaviour Container: A stylish and convenient treat tin to keep your pup's treats fresh and easily accessible.

●      Treat Pouch: An on-the-go pouch for carrying treats during walks and training sessions.

●      Puppy Play Balls (4 pack): Durable and fun balls to keep your puppy engaged and entertained.

●      Bandana: A fashionable accessory to make your pup look even more adorable.

●      1 month of free pet insurance from Fetch: Optional but included for free, giving you peace of mind in case of unexpected veterinary expenses.

●      Free shipping: Enjoy the added convenience of having the Super Puppy Pack delivered to your doorstep without any extra cost, in a box your new pup will love to chew to shreds.

"We understand better than anyone the excitement and challenges that come with welcoming a new puppy into your home. They're adorable, excitable, sleepy and cheeky, and bring with them a whole lot of chaos and unforeseen expenses," commented Mike Halligan, co-founder and CEO at Scratch, and owner of new pup Mello.


"Based on my own recent experience of raising a pup, we've designed our Super Puppy Pack to remove the guesswork from your new dog shopping list by putting together a pack of products durable enough to last through puppyhood, at a fraction of the cost if you were to purchase everything separately."


Australian-made and owned, Scratch's range of dog food and treats offer a fresh and healthy option for puppies. Scratch prides itself on being completely transparent with its ingredients making it Australia's most trusted pet food company and earning it a B Corp certification, so you can be sure you're feeding your new pup only the best from day one.


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Review:  I have a very fussy Cavoodle and while he is trained very well, there is one bad habit we've been unable to train him out of - overexcited jumping when family and friends come to the door (that he often goes on walks with).  I know it's either hIs grandparents & my walking buddy before they event get to the door, and the anticipated excitement overwhelms him, and we haven't been able to train this out of him. He must really like the Scratch Peanut Butter Training treats as after a week, it's remarkable the difference.  Seems this old dog (at 8) has a new favourite and can learn new tricks after all, or at least where these treats are involved... for now.



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