Shokz OpenFit Headphones

Shokz OpenFit Headphones

The pioneers of Open-Ear Listening, Shokz, today announced its first foray into the True Wireless Stereo market with its new compact headphones – OpenFit. Available to purchase from 6 July, these earbuds feature brand-new immersive sound technology and superior noise cancellation, all packed into a sleek and comfortable design. The wireless earbud is built around the ear, leaving the inner ear open to keep active individuals, busy professionals or music lovers connected with the world. 


"We're witnessing a transformation in the earphone market, where connectivity, convenience and comfort have become paramount," said Stark Chen, Country Manager for Shokz Australia & New Zealand. "Not only does the OpenFit earbud deliver an exceptional audio experience, its streamlined and secure design makes it the perfect accessory for individuals on the go."


A live concert in your ear


For an unparalleled listening experience, Shokz has introduced DirectPitch™ technology exclusively for OpenFit, which allows for premium audio quality that perfectly balances bold highs, clear mids and surging bass. Shokz DirectPitch™ technology harnesses reverse sound waves to optimise the distance and angle between the sound source and the human ear. This results in enhanced sound pressure towards the ear and less sound pressure in directions other than the ear canal, ensuring crystal-clear audio and privacy. 


The revolutionary headphones also feature OpenBass™, a proprietary low-frequency enhancement algorithm that directly transmits low-frequency vibrations to the ear. With Dynamic Range Control, the EQ is adjusted in real-time, providing a rich and natural listening experience under any volume. The Shokz app also offers preset EQ modes and customisation options, allowing users to have a private concert on the go. 


Taking communication to the next level


To improve the user experience when it comes to making calls, OpenFit uses AI Call Noise Cancellation technology. Tested and proven in common noisy environments such as stations and intersections, this technology filters out up to 99.7% of ambient noise 

During a call, OpenFit captures the subtleties of the human voice in even noisy environments, placing the dual microphones at a prime position to form the most effective Adaptive Beamforming effect, enhancing noise cancellation. 


With integrated touchpads, users can effortlessly control audio playback and manage calls directly from their Open Fit earbuds. The touchpads support intuitive double-tap and press-and-hold controls, enabling quick and easy access to essential functions. Whether it's adjusting volume, skipping tracks, or answering calls, users can enjoy a truly hands-free experience, allowing them to stay engaged in their activities without interruptions.


Feel nothing but comfort


Incredibly lightweight, weighing a mere 8.3 grams, the OpenFit headphones blend comfort with functionality. The ear cushion core is engineered with a dual-layered liquid silicone that gives a pliable fit for every ear shape while avoiding discomfort from extended wear.


The dolphin arc ear hook design with a built-in 0.7mm ultra-fine flexible memory wire ensures a secure fit that gently adapts to each user's ear shape, allowing them to forget they are even wearing earbuds. The split design between the earbud and battery balances the weight of the whole system. Users can confidently walk, run, and even jump, knowing that the OpenFit earbuds will stay in place.


Shokz OpenFit

Colours: black or beige.

Shokz OpenFit will be available from and music 

RRP: $289.00





A complete and comfortable headphone set perfect for walking, running, cycling and outdoor training. Sweat resistant means it won't slide around while you are active. Importantly you can still hear sirens and warning shouts which keeps you safe while you are in your training zone. Decent sound and a sug fit over ear makes them a great choice for people on the go.  I particularly liked using them while cleaning and gardening, cause I felt secure that they would stay in place and easy to control with simple taps.  Below are some of the incredible features that make Shokz OpenFit a great choice.


These headphones are the perfect accessory for active individuals on the go, with some impressive features including: 


  • An Open-Ear Design ensures users remain connected to the world around them.
  • Simpler earbud control with integrated touchpads support intuitive double-tap and press-and-hold controls, enabling quick and easy access to essential functions when you're exercising. 
  • Ultra comfortable and secure design allows users to confidently walk, run, cycle and even jump, knowing that the earbuds will stay in place.
  • Quick charging times provide up to 7 hours of listening on a single full charge. For those on the run, a quick 5-minute charge gives one hour of battery life.
  • Standby time up to 10 days



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