Scunci Party Season Looks

Scunci Party Season Looks

With the silly season fast approaching, you'll also have an array of social events and parties to attend! Scunci has put together some on-trend hairstyles that you can put together in a flash. Whether you're going out straight from work or for a more formal event the Scunci styles are perfect for those needing a cute party-do fast!

Blake Lively gets it right (again!) with her fabulous fishtail braid. This look is easy and stays in place (which means more time for dancing!) Follow these steps to get the fantastic party-friendly style:
1. Pull the hair into a high ponytail using Scunci Thick Hair Elastics ($7.95) and then split the pony-tail into two sections
2. Take a piece from the first section and cross it over into the opposite section
3. Take a piece from the opposite section and pass it to the first section
4. Repeat until you have a beautiful fishtail braid and then fasten the bottom with a Scunci No Damage Clear Polybands ($4.95)
5. Fasten any loose bits with Scunci's No Slip Grip Bobby Pins ($8.95)

Take some hair styling advice from the Queen of social events herself, Kim Kardashian. Scunci shows us how easy is it to re-create Kim's voluminous up-do:
1. Divide a section of hair from the crown of your head using the Scunci Grooming Tail Comb ($4.95) and brush backwards
2. Place the Scunci Hi-Style ($9.95) underneath the section and spread the hair section over the piece. You now will have a voluminous section so you can do whatever you like with the remaining hair
3. Scunci recommends separating the remaining hair pieces, twisting them into a bun and securing them in place with Scunci Grooming Bobby Pins ($6.95)
4. Finish with a spritz of hairspray

The Scunci Hi-styles kit also comes with a step-by-step style guide, so you won't have to struggle with creating a stylish do!

Must Have Product For The Season
The Scunci Bun Maker kit comes equip with it's very own hair elastic and bobby pins, so you won't have to go searching for a bunch of bobby pins before getting started.
Celebrities including Jennifer Lopez, Jessica Alba and our very own Jess Hart are fans of the sky-high donut bun!


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