Sebastian Potion 9: Provocative Style, Handled With Care

Sebastian Potion 9: Provocative Style, Handled With Care

Truly provocative women stand out in a crowd. We often see a beautiful woman and ask ourselves "How does she get her hair to look so sexy?" The magic ingredient for creating and nourishing provocative styles is Sebastian's Potion 9. Be warned - people will just want to run their fingers through your luscious, glossy and sensual hair.

Too much styling is a well-known hair sin. Who would have thought it could actually improve the condition of your hair? Potion 9 is the ultimate versatile styling cream infused with nine botanical extracts to help restore lost moisture. It creates and holds the shape while simultaneously restoring hair, revitalising overprocessed locks to leave them in fabulous condition. Composed of natural ingredients including babussa oil, evening primrose oil, jojoba oil and amore credcido extract, Potion 9 has a cumulative effect - the more you use it, the better your hair will become. So no more naughtiness. It's time to clean up your hair habits and practice safer styling.

"There's nothing wrong with rampant styling.... as long as you use protection!" says Robert Lobetta, Sebastian's creative director. "Life is too short to worry about styling damage. You can use Potion 9 to create different looks that are totally irresistible."

"Women know that blow-drying and styling traditionally damage hair," adds Dr Frauke Neuser, Senior Scientist for P&G Haircare, Australia and New Zealand. "But for most of us, it is a part of our everyday lives - and so, unfortunately, are split ends and hair that can look dried out and slightly dull. Potion 9 is unique because conversely, the more you use it as a styling product the more it will improve the condition of your hair. The botanical extracts infuse hair with moisture and vitality, making hair feel softer and more healthy."

Sebastian Potion is a highly versatile product. When combined with different styling techniques you can achieve very different looks. The fact that Potion 9 cares for your hair while it styles means you have free rein to style with debauchery - as often as you want.

Robert Lobetta's Provocative Styling Tips

The Quickie:

For natural looking waves, scrunch Potion 9 into damp hair and create the shape you want. Try looping each section around your fingers for wave definition. Allow hair to air dry.

For a quick "undone" up -do, apply Potion 9 to dry hair to make it smooth and sleek. Pin hair up, and create defined loose ends with a touch of Potion 9 on your fingertips.

To create random, unruly texture on short-hair styles, apply Potion 9 to dry hair and use your hands and fingers to create sassy, separated texture.

A Heated Encounter

Apply Potion 9 to damp hair and blow dry smooth.

Use your curling iron to create stand up curls, then clip the hair against the head and allow it to cool.

Release the curls and gently smooth through some Potion 9 to separate. The result: bouncy, full bodied, sexy curls that look gorgeous and feel naturally soft.

Sensual Experience

Apply Potion 9 to damp hair.

Use your brush and blow dryer to create lift from the roots, directing the hairdryer upwards to give more volume.

Smooth all the way to the ends for a luscious looking style.

Sebastian Potion will become an indispensable tool in your hair routine. Essential for keeping your style provocative and your hair luscious and glossy, it will give you hair confidence like never before. Practice safer styling with Potion 9.