Sebastian Professional Iconic Shine

Sebastian Professional Iconic Shine

Sebastian Professional Iconic Shine

Whether you rock curls, volume or hair that's poker-straight, nothing elevates your tresses from ordinary to extraordinary like a dazzling, light-reflecting shimmer. From a subtle polish to luminescent reflection, get ready to experience a multifaceted spectrum of shine like never before: Introducing the new Sebastian Professional Iconic Shine collection.

The New Age of Shine Styling
Sebastian Professional brings you a world of enhanced shine styling this season with the launch of the new Trilliance Shampoo, Trilliance Conditioner and Shine Crafter mouldable wax. These new products join the already iconic family of shine serums, mists and sprays to create a new, amplified line of products that will enable you to explore shine from wet to dry, smooth to texturized, letting you sport an infinite range of glittering effects on all types of hair.

The Visionary
Inspiring the dazzling spirit of the new Iconic Shine collection is the world of style visionary, a-morir sunglasses designer, Kerin Rose. Renowned for her shining creativity and avant-garde creations, Kerin has always pushed the boundaries of style - which has seen her sunglasses favoured by like-minded style icons Lady Gaga, Rhianna, Nicki Minaj, Will-i-am, Ke$ha, Grace Jones, Katy Perry, Adam Lambert and Debbie Harry. She draws on industrial aspects like studs and chains, combining them with lace, glitter, sparkle and shimmer to manipulate the many dimensions of shine and produce truly one-of-a-kind creations.

The Technology
To deliver luminous tresses, the Iconic Shine collection is enriched with an exclusive rock crystal extract. This naturally occurring wonder is known for its unique light reflecting properties that mirror light in different ways - depending on whether they are left in a raw, cut or polished state. Embedded into the formulas of the new Trilliance Shampoo, Trilliance Conditioner and Shine Crafter, these mineralized rocks will let your locks achieve a dazzling glow like never before. To turn up the luminescence, Sebastian Professional has also added rock crystal extract to its already popular shine products, Shine Define, Liquid Gloss, Halo Mist and Trilliant.

The Products
Forget painful cold-water blasts or apple cider rinses and leave your shine in the hands of the new Iconic Shine collection. From cleansing through styling, these new additions cover every dimension of shine:

Trilliance Shampoo & Conditioner
Daily wear and tear to the outer layer of your hair's cuticle can leave it dull and depleted - reducing hair's natural shine. The new Trilliance Shampoo and Conditioner are designed to thoroughly cleanse unwanted surface residue, restoring tresses with smoothness and a gorgeous natural shine, enhancing maximum light reflection ready for styling.

Shine Crafter
Unlike any other styler on the market, Shine Crafter mouldable wax creates a unique silky-soft hold and malleable definition for a versatile selection of styles. Use it on wet hair as a base for blow-drying or on dry hair for moulding and defining and impart a dazzling shine that will last all day or night.
From a subtle glimmer to a dazzling, Studio 54 disco gloss - embrace shine in all its dimensions with Sebastian Professional and let your inner starlet shine.

Sebastian Professional Trilliance Shampoo:
Removes unwated residue
Light weight formula
With rock crystal extract
Creates a foundation for shine

Sebastian Professional Trilliance Conditioner:
Smooths and nourishes cuticle
Leaves hair soft to the touch
With rock crystal extract
Creates a foundation for shine

Sebastian Shine Crafter:
Achieve shine enhanced hold
Mould or define
With rock crystal extract
Creates shimmering shine

Sebastian Professional is available from selected salons nationally
Sebastian Professional Trilliance Shampoo RRP $34 and Conditioner RRP $36
Sebastian Shine Crafter RRP $36
Stockists: 1300 728 333 or


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