Semi-Gloss Justine Cullen

Semi-Gloss Justine Cullen

This is not a self-help book or a memoir. It's definitely not the Australian Devil Wears Prada.

In her collection of autobiographical essays, fashion magazine editor Justine Cullen takes us on a hilariously candid exploration of her life so far - and all the mistakes she's made along the way.

Semi-Gloss is an intimate, sharp and witty look at growing up and growing older from the kind of woman who seems like she has it all together - the glamorous job, the perfect family, the killer wardrobe. But, chipping away at that shiny, sparkly surface, Justine reveals the beautiful mess that lies beneath.

A wildly entertaining and sometimes bumpy ride through a life well-lived, by one of Australia's most respected female voices.

About the author:
Justine Cullen has spent her life writing for and about women. A reformed beauty editor and award-winning fashion magazine editor, she has formerly held the roles of editor-in-chief of the much?beloved SHOP Til You Drop and ELLE Australia magazines. Under Justine's direction, ELLE Australia became known for its publishing innovation, championing of women, diversity of talent, and brave and globally celebrated cover executions.

Justine is known for her sometimes amusing, sometimes provocative, generally self-indulgent editor's letters, and for her speaking appearances, where she's discussed everything from the demise of fast fashion to ethics in artificial intelligence, and whether or not to get a Brazilian wax before going into labour.

Justine lives in Sydney with her husband and four children.

Justine Cullen
Allen & Unwin
ISBN: 9781760875350
RRP: $29.99