State Restrictions for Covid-19 CoronaVirus ease in Australia

State Restrictions for Covid-19 CoronaVirus ease in Australia

Covid-19: Corona Virus Restrictions State by State Ease


As Australia starts to ease it's State Restrictions it can be very confusing on what your own state is doing. 

Here is a table to help you understand State by State Covid Restrictions


State Restrictions                                   
ACT       NSW     NT         QLD       SA         TAS       VIC WA     
1 person in your home Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
5 people in your home Y Y Y Y Y Y 13 May Y
Outdoor Exercising in 2 Y Y Y Y Y Y Y Y
Outdoor exercising in 10 Y Y Y Y Y Y 13 May Y
Water sports Surfering, Paddle,
Ocean Swims
Boats 5 people or social distance 10 Y Y Y Y Y Y 13 May Y
Professional sport training - 10 Y Y Y Y  Y  Y 13 May Y
Weddings 10 people Y Y Y Y  Y  Y 13 May Y
Funerals 20 people Y Y Y Y  Y Y
13 May Y
Cafes & Restaurants Takeaway Y Y Y Y Y Y 1 June

Cafes & Restaurants 10 people
withsocial distancing

Y Y Y Y Y Y  1 June
Cafes, Pubs/Clubs & Restaurants 20 people             22 June  
Cafes, Pubs/Clubs & Restaurants 100 people             Mid July  
Schools closed (essential only)             Y  
Schools 12,11, Vcal Prep & 1, 2
 Y Y  Y Y Y  Y 26 May
All School Y gradual Y Y Y  Y

9 June

Borders             Open Closed
Business work from home till
            1 June
 18 May
Shopping  Y  Y         Essential


As the Australian Prime Minister, Scott Morrison comes under attack from many journalists whose only aim is to twist what they say.  So here are the facts:

"We are 6 weeks into a 6 month program" says Scott Morrison, to cope with the effects of Covid 19.  "130 Billion Dollars lifeline" has been injected into the economy to "get back to work", with a "focus on what we need right now, today", Australia is in a great position to put Austaralian Business back together, says Mr Scott Morrison.


The government aims to get people back to work with income support to help businesses get back on track over the 6 month period without putting the burden on current and future taxpayers.  It's estimated that 1 million people have lost jobs due to the Covid 19 shutdowns, but on the upside it's forcastd that 800,000 of those will get jobs back in the coming months as state restrictions ease.  Scott Morrison stressed that the governments focus was on the "right here, right now" situation, and they have responded appropriately.


Travel and tourism has been the hardest hit and as some borders start to reopen and restrictions may ease in the coming months, it is forcasted that international travel will not return until 2021.


Recent reports that our inquiry into Covid 19 outbreak in China and it's link to bareley tariffs increasing by 80% is false.


With the Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews taking a hard line on slowing easing the restrictions in a "Safe and Appropriate" manner.


Daniel Andrews also reported on the increased level of testing and their committment to continue this with 20 million dollars allocated to Corona Virus testing which includes; how the virus carries and spreads, long term effects, a vaccine, and sewage testing to help idenitify infectious areas.


The long awaited announcement from The Victorian Premier Daniel Andrews that training sessions can resume from Wednesday with groups of 10, paves the way for footy to return.  This also extends to individual gatherings outdoors in groups of 10.  Mr Daniel Andrews explains his why restrictions are still in place for cafes and restaurants; "10 is not enough" for businesses to reopen and be viable, and the holding off for a further 3 weeks till the end of May, could be the key to taking a bigger step to open cafes and restaurants to keep them in business.  He also notes that they are "still open for takeaway" and that "we are not like other states" and that weneed to take smaller steps in a "safe and appropriate" manner. 


This has been supported but the recent testing findings of the newest 7 positive testings in Victorian with 1 case linked to cedar meat, 4 linked to overseas travellers, and 2 unknown.  This is where extensive testing from the public and sewage helps us understand where the cases are coming from, and how we can control them.


Outdoor activities like hiking, golf, boating etc are ok from Wednesday to up to 10 people in Victoria as long as social distancing is adhered to, for more information visit


The Victoria Premier will release further updates on returning to school and face to face learning in the coming days.


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