Tanishka Goddess Wisdom Interview

Tanishka Goddess Wisdom Interview

Tanishka Goddess Wisdom Interview

After taking the UK by storm Australia's very own Moon Woman returns to Australia with a tour coinciding with the launch of her fifth book 'Goddess Wisdom" published by Hay House. Tanishka invites women to unleash and discover ancient women's wisdom as a way to befriend their womanhood. Sharing unique insights into how women function from a groundbreaking feminine perspective she transcends the age old question of 'what women want' by offering an innovative and natural solution as to how women can meet their needs through simple and effective strategies. Tanishka seeks to empower women so they can transform their lives in powerful and positive ways.

"You can't embrace something unless you understand it." Said Tanishka, The Moon Woman. 'Without access to ancient feminine wisdom when we enter womanhood, most women struggle to accept and embrace themselves as women their whole lives; from body image issues to perceiving their feminine sensitivities as weaknesses rather than understanding how to utilise them as strengths. The good news is it's never too late to empower ourselves by accessing this long overdue birth right of secret women's business!"

Loved by over half a million followers, Tanishka is the author of five books and has taught ancient women's wisdom and traditions for over 20 years. A former stand-up comedienne, Tanishka has captivated audiences worldwide as a popular keynote speaker as well as featuring in leading magazines. Her latest book, 'Goddess Wisdom" (published in conjunction with her 'Goddess Wisdom" online course with Hay House), is winning acclaim with critics and readers alike. Those attending the tour will have the chance to learn a unique set of wisdom and tools from The Moon Woman herself, including the Secret to Aging Gracefully.

Tanishka brings valuable lessons to the feminine journey, including how to transition from one stage of life to the next with ease and self-assurance. As one of the leaders in the global Red Tent movement, Tanishka has trained women in over 43 countries including Jill Genet, the founder of Red Tent Australia.

Topics Tanishka will cover

How to embrace the ebb and flow of the natural cycles to harness more energy
How to transcend the fear of ageing and apply the secret to ageing gracefully
How to reduce comfort eating by understanding your feminine needs on a cyclic basis
How to stop trying to live up to the ideal of the perfect woman
How to empower your daughters with feminine wisdom

'Working with Tanishka, is an amazing journey that really allows you to step into your personal power, not just within myself, but also for everyone involved" said Lucy Proud, fan and supporter of Tanishka's work.

The book is available through Hay House for distribution and the tour kicks off on August 11 before travelling to the Gold Coast, Byron Bay, Sydney and finishing in Melbourne on September 9. Tickets start at $45 and are available from TheMoonWoman.com/Goddess-Wisdom-Tour.

Interview with Tanishka

Question: What is the first step we need to make on the path to Goddess status?

Tanishka: Given how our culture devalues all things feminine start by exercising discernment in what you read, watch and listen to. Opt for ad free viewing; read blogs, magazines and books that inspire and empower you rather than those which thrive on competition and comparison with other women.

As all change starts with a single thought, so when we unplug from the cultural conditioning which undermines how we feel about ourselves as women we start making more self-honouring choices.

Question: What was the main inspiration behind the book Goddess Wisdom?

Tanishka: To ensure all women have access to the information they need to understand and embrace their womanhood. There's a great Chinese proverb: 'When sleeping women wake, mountains move'.

The more women shift their perception of themselves and honour themselves accordingly, the faster we will heal our soul sick and predatory culture where girls and women are increasingly at risk to one where the strengths of the feminine are valued, restoring balance and sustainability in every facet of our lives.

Personally having access to this understanding transformed me from living a toxic life of dysfunction to living a truly empowered and authentic life; I want that for every sister on the planet.

Question: What should audiences expect from your upcoming Goddess Wisdom tour?

Tanishka: Prepare to wake up! I show audiences the veil that's been placed over our eyes in how we perceive all things feminine and how that's impacted our feminine identity and expression. Specifically women will gain powerful insights into how to empower themselves in each stage of their womanhood and how this awareness is changing the cultural landscape on a global scale. A night of sisterhood and secret women's business that will leave them on a high!

Question: How does the moon cycle affect a woman's emotions?

Tanishka: The majority of fertile women menstruate closer to new moon (two weeks after full moon) when our energy is at its lowest ebb then ovulate at full moon which is party time. Our cycle will switch closer to full moon when we're not open to intimacy emotionally or on any level because we're integrating an inner shift.

Regardless of our fertility cycle we're more prone to darker thoughts and moods in the week leading up to new moon so this is the time women need to exercise extreme self-care and conserve their energy to avoid self-negating choices.

Question: How does this relate to the time of the month when we're most likely to create arguments and conflict with loved ones?

Tanishka: New moon is when we're more sensitive in every way so we're more easily triggered by others. If we know this we can make allowances not be so reactive and minimise the chance of conflict by taking space to journal and invest in our relationship with ourselves rather than trying to get our needs met by others.

Question: Is it possible to live in tune with this cycle and therefore balance our emotions?

Tanishka: Yes! That's what I teach women in my Goddess Wisdom book. Once women understand the effect the lunar cycle has on their psyche, moods, energy levels, psychic sensitivity, creativity and libido they have the ability to care take their needs through adopting routines that create cyclic balance so they don't feel out of control emotionally which results in comfort eating and compulsive behaviours.

Question: What advice do you have for those of us who overthink?

Tanishka: Over analysis by the 10% rational mind leads to paralysis and self-doubt so to connect with the neurons in the heart which will always guide you on the path of highest outcome, put your hand on your heart and close your eyes to connect with how you feel about your present choice. To do this, visualise or sense yourself taking one path and notice how that feels within you?

Does it feel expansive, exciting and joyful or does it feel heavy, constricted and burdensome?

Every choice can be traced back to a motivation of love or fear so allow your subtle senses to direct you towards the path of highest light and growth.

Whilst we can observe the rational conditioning patterns urging us to do what's sensible or expected of us by perceived external authority figures, we have the final choice whether to be enslaved by our lower mind. The more we make decisions guided by our heart's inner knowing the more we will radiate health and happiness. Whereas those who pursue what they think will make them happy such as power, wealth and status will diminish their life force which will prematurely age them and compromise their health and wellbeing. So use the Force!

Question: Do you have a morning routine? Can you share it with us?

Tanishka: Yes, I do a series of active kundalini yoga asanas to activate the flow of energy in each of my major energy enters then I do a series of yin yoga asanas to take my awareness deep within in union with my body/mind. Then I meditate for 10-15 minutes sending my energetic roots down into the heart of Mother Earth and my energetic branches into the heart of Father Sky to ground and balance and set my intent to be a clear vessel for Divine Will and the embodiment of love.

Question: Can you share your favourite quote or motto?

Tanishka: 'The most powerful thing in the hands of the oppressor are the minds of the oppressed.' Steve Biko.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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