The Adventures of Scooterboy and Skatergirl

The Adventures of Scooterboy and Skatergirl

Cool can mean a lot of things.

Amazing, wicked, awesome, epic, radical, insane, ridiculously good and, of course – cold!

Meet Skatergirl. She has cool hair, she wears cool clothes and she rides a really cool skateboard. Basically, she's naturally cool.

Meet Scooterboy. He's … well … let's just say that being cool does NOT come naturally to him.

But when Scooterboy and Skatergirl get together, HILARITY ensues.

Cheeky, funny and packed with cartoon-style illustrations and moments that will have you laughing out loud, this collection of short stories from children's entertainer Andy Jones is perfect for reluctant readers and fans of Andy Griffiths.

Ages: 8-12

The Adventures of Scooterboy and Skatergirl
Harper Collins Australia
Author: Andy Jones
ISBN: 9780733331596
RRP: $12.99


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