The Art of Perfume and The Creation of Perfume

The Art of Perfume and The Creation of Perfume

Top, middle and base notes - floral, oriental, citrus or woody? Whilst the words are familiar, few of us realise what they mean to our nose, and how we react to them each time we smell a perfume.

So to help lovers of perfume achieve a better understanding of the intricacies of fragrances, their design and their applications, The Mulberry Institute is offering two professionally run masterclasses - The Art of Perfume and The Creation of Perfume.

The masterclasses are led by master fragrance designer John Lambeth, one of just a handful of professional perfumers in Australia, who believes that creating a perfume is as much an art form as it is a science.

"Our sense of smell is in many ways the most powerful of the senses for its ability to evoke memories and associations - especially when it comes to fragrances and perfumes."

According to The Mulberry Institute founder Claire Sparrow, the three hour courses have been specifically created to give participants a real insight into perfume design, production and appreciation, along with hands-on practical involvement.

"The Art of Perfume course concentrates on the importance of one's sense of smell and the structure of fragrances along with the ingredients that make up the many fragrance families - we even look at natural versus synthetic components", said Claire.

"The Creation of Perfume course focuses more on the physical process such as mixing and how to prepare a formula, participants are then introduced to a matrix of raw materials and discover first hand how they fit into the design of a fragrance. The course will give anyone wanting to design their own fragrances the understanding they need to get started."

The masterclasses are held monthly at Restaurant Balzac in Randwick Sydney.
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