The Best Feeling of All

The Best Feeling of All

Life doesn't happen, you make it.

Mols and Jaz can't wait for life to begin. In the meantime, they'll make sure they get their share of excitement and fun. When they're not seeking out the next ecstatic thrill, they're making big plans for the future while exploring the sand dunes, headlands and storm drains of Sydney's Northern Beaches. They happily race along the ridge between possibility and reality until they slam into the shocks, heartaches and impossible choices of adulthood.

The Best Feeling of All follows two friends who share in love, loss and life-altering decisions through the most emotionally charged of all life stages, the wild and euphoric years between 15 and 25. The story is told in three contrasting parts – Adolescence, Nineteen and Adulthood – and it is about the importance of having the guts and imagination to shape our own lives.

It is a strong and compelling debut novel from a new voice in Australian fiction.

Jack Ellis was born to writer parents, Bob Ellis and Anne Brooksbank.
He studied classical composition at Sydney Conservatorium and on scholarship in The Hague. Jack began writing fiction and articles while performing and recording original songs with his band Zanica. He has had articles published in major magazines, such as Women's Health, and websites such as Crikey and ABC's The Drum.

Jack lives in Sydney, and works part-time as a Family Mediator.
He spends two days a week at home with his two-year-old son.

The Best Feeling of All
Author: Jack Ellis
RRP: $24.95


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