The Haunting of Lily Frost

The Haunting of Lily Frost

This room hold secrets and, even if they are of the dark-frightening type, I love secrets more than anything else.

When Lily's parents decide to move to a country town, she is angry and fearful of losing touch with her best friend, Ruby.

But something about the old house they move into lures her to the attic bedroom. A feeling. A presence. A spirit.

Upon entering the room, Lily faints. Coming to, she's overcome by the whispers of secrets.

It doesn't take long for Lily to discover that she is living in the house of missing teenager, Matilda – or Tilly as her friends knew her.

Lily tries to uncover the truth behind Tilly's disappearance as she cannot escape the feeling that something or rather someone is trying to tell her something.

Is Tilly's ghost haunting her or is it all in her imagination?

For Weetman, the inspiration for her young adult novel came from her memories of being fifteen and trapped somewhere between the decisions made for you by parents, and the ones you wanted to make yourself. She wanted to write a book that combined a haunting mystery with a coming-of-age story of friendship and feeling out-of-place.

Observing her own children's openness to spirits while they were young led to an interest in the pyschic world. As such, she discovered that many psychics become aware of their ability as teenagers. In writing her novel, Weetman explored the idea of communicating with ghosts.

Atmospheric and chilling, reading The Haunting of Lily Frost may cause you to sleep with the lights turned on.

Nova Weetman's prose has appeared in various literary magazines including Kill Your Darlings, Island, Tirra Lirra, Wet Ink, Mslexia, Overland, Island and Cardigan Press. She has written for the children's television series Pixel Pinkie and Buzz Bumble and wrote the short films, Ripples and Mr Wasinski's Song for which she received an AWGIE nomination for best short screenplay, and the Best Short Film Award from the Melbourne International Film Festival. She has also won the HarperCollins Fellowship and the FAW Award for Best Unpublished Manuscript. Nova lives with her partner, a playwright, and their two children, in a falling down house. The Haunting of Lily Frost is her first novel for young adults.

The Haunting of Lily Frost
Author: Nova Weetman
ISBN: 9780702250156
RRP: $19.99


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