The Complete Cheese Pairing Cookbook by Morgan McGlynn Carr

The Complete Cheese Pairing Cookbook by Morgan McGlynn Carr

The Complete Cheese Pairing Cookbook is a comprehensive guide to perfect cheese pairings and delicious recipe combinations.

The main concept behind cheese pairings is how certain elements in a cheese and any cheese accompaniment react differently to each other.  The Complete Cheese Pairing Cookbook demonstrates that by matching a mouthwatering cheese with the perfect cracker, a stunning chutney with the right fruit or charcuterie, an exceptional wine, or any other beverage – the results can be extraordinarily rewarding.


This sumptuous and detailed 'cheese bible' written by; The Queen of Cheese' includes fascinating insights and flavours from around the world, seasonal pairing guides, carefully curated pairing boards with classic and unique combinations, and a range of delicious cheese-based recipes suitable for all occasions.


Morgan says: "If you're anything like me, being presented with a plate of delicious cheeses is simply an invitation to dive in, no questions asked.  However, it's time to hold back: learning how to taste cheese properly, so that you can decipher all the layers that make it taste so good, will help you make great choices when it comes to pairing.  Mastering the art of tasting cheese in a structural way gives you a definite appreciation of the cheese and a confident understanding of what other morsel of deliciousness might go with it. "

Morgan is the Queen of Cheese - Simon Rimmer, Sunday Brunch 'Each board is a piece of art - Jose Pizzaro Learn everything you need to know about creating the perfect cheese pairing. By matching great cheese with the perfect cracker, a stunning chutney, perfectly ripe fruit or veg, and very often a great wine, the results can be both delicious and rewarding. This book does all that and more, combining easy-to-follow and beautiful boards alongside recipes that feature a variety of cheese selections. The main concept behind cheese pairings is that certain elements (such as texture and flavour) in both the cheese and the pairing react differently to each other, and finding the right combination of these elements elevates the entire dining experience.
In The Complete Cheese Pairing Cookbook, Morgan McGlynn brings together her years of expertise and knowledge to guide you through this process, with fascinating insights into what cheese pairing actually is, what makes cheese cheesy, and how to pair like a pro. Her carefully curated pairing boards contain both classic and unusual combinations, cheeses from around the world and a guide to which cheeses work best in each season. The recipes, both sweet and savoury, cover a range of occasions from solo eating through to casual suppers and dinner parties. This book is a must-have for any cheese lover looking to explore a new culinary world.
Morgan McGlynn is the owner of Cheeses of Muswell Hill, an award-winning independent cheese shop in North London. At age 21 she was Britain's youngest female cheesemonger and she is the resident Cheese Expert on Channel 4's Sunday Brunch, with recent appearances contributing to the programme's highest-ever social media interaction. She is also cheese consultant for leading retailers and in 2017 launched her cheese wholesale business which now stocks some of the UK's best delicatessens, farm shops, Michelin star restaurants and cheese shops.


The Complete Cheese Pairing Cookbook

by Morgan McGlynn Carr

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