The Magic Book

The Magic Book

What do Dorothy and Todo, Timmy and Lassie, and Harry and Hedwig have in common? Their stories are epic tales about the endearing misadventures of a young child and his or her animal.

In his children's adventure epic, The Magic Book, Leonardo Deangelo reintroduces readers to Sam and his faithful dog, Spot. The two set off a new adventure when they discover a magic book that whisks them away to the mystical land of Notts.

Deangelo wrote the book to help showcase the love between a young child and his pet, something to which he could personally attest.

'The relationship that Sam has with Spot is much like the relationship that I had with my own dogs, Spot and Shadow," DeAngelo says. 'The magic, imagination and quests of these two will speak to any child who loves their pet and understands what it's like to feel like the world is just one big adventure waiting to happen."

The book follows Sam and Spot as they seek a way out of their newest misadventure. Unlike their other exploits, this one threatens their loyalty and trust like never before. The goal, Deangelo says, is to help children realise that the power of friendship and loyalty is its own kind of magic.

'Children should grow with stories like this to help their minds and imagination to grow," Deangelo says. 'Magic lives first in the mind and then it manifests around us."

Leonardo Deangelo was born in Italy and went to Australia when he was six years old. He was a soldier, artist, sculptor, designer, shop owner, movie director, art tutor, and writer. He wrote and published his first children's book in Great Britain in 1984. He has been writing ever since and enjoys sharing his creative mind with all who are interested.

The Magic Book
Author: Leonardo Deangelo
ISBN: 9781477218457

Interview with Leonardo Deangelo

Question: What inspired you to write The Magic Book?

Leonardo Deangelo: Children should grow up with stories to allow their minds and imagination to grow. My stories are memories of my adventures with my pets like Spot with added imagination. To share the understanding of the bond that forms between a child and a pet. Also the fun that a child can have with a pet at the beach, in the back yard, on a picnic, outing or just in their imagination. That is real magic, created in the mind which then is real.

Question: Why did you want to reintroduce Sam and his faithful dog, Spot?

Leonardo Deangelo: Well one adventure is never enough. I had many plus many more in my imagination and Sam is based on me. As I needed many adventures so I believe do the readers. Not the same adventures but loyalty different adventures with different participants to fully inspire the imagination and interest.

Question: Who did you write this story, for?

Leonardo Deangelo: For the children mostly but also for the young at heart of all ages like myself. People who have experienced the love and fun of a pet never forget. So my stories are for all who want to imagine or remember great adventures.

Question: What do you hope readers take away from The Magic Book?

Leonardo Deangelo: That the love and bond between a child, boy or girl is priceless. That a good imagination is paramount to future growth and life. That good and evil is all around us now just like it was in the past. Children should be aware and careful in this modem world. Mostly though that adventures are great real or just in your imagination. The imagination is our escape from life's problems.

Question: Are you currently working on another book?

Leonardo Deangelo: I have completed my book Fangs the scariest of the four in the series. It has a tragic love story in it as well by two of the participators. I am in future books adding regular friends of Sam in the stories.


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