Kaytek The Wizard

Kaytek The Wizard

Kaytek, a schoolboy who wants to become a wizard, is surprised to discover that, with practice, he is able to perform magic spells and change reality. With prospects of mischief in mind, he conceals his powers and playfully causes strange incidents in his school and neighbourhood. Though harmless at first, Kaytek's antics and increasing abilities soon wreak major chaos around the city of Warsaw, and the police start searching for the cause.

Disillusioned, Kaytek leaves the country and wanders the world in search of the meaning of his unique abilities and their consequences. As Kaytek experiences a loss of innocence, the tone of the story and the accompanying illustrations get steadily darker. Revolving around the notion that power is not without responsibility nor without repercussions, this story speaks to every child's dream of freeing themselves from the endless control of adults, and shaping the world to their own designs

Janusz Korczak was the pen name of Dr. Henry K Goldszmit, a pediatrician and child psychologist who famously ran a central Warsaw orphanage on innovative educational principles. Korczak left behind a large written legacy, including books on education, plays, essays, letters, and of course, novels and stories for children, including King Matt the First.

The Polish Parliment has declared 2012 "Janusz Korczak Year" because of two important anniversaries connected with him in 2012: the 70th anniversary of his death - along with the children in his orphanage - in the concentration camp in Treblinka, and the 100th anniversary of the orphanage he founded on Krochmalna Street in Warsaw.

Kaytek The Wizard
John Reed Books
Author: Janusz Korczak
Illustrator: Avi Katz
ISBN: 9780983868507
Price: $23.95



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