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The Next Step

'Always Innovating Never Imitating'
"What I like is that the group is innovative. It's Australian style; it's sexy and cool. It's new and I have never seen that mix before!"Danii Minogue

The Next Step is celebrating the release of their second single and video for 'Do It On The Dance Floor' by announcing a series of shows during the NSW school holidays. After a massive launch at Sydney's Big Top Luna Park and SOLD OUT shows at Sydney's Metro Theatre, the group will be taking the LIVE show to the suburbs with performances of their smash singles and original routines to top 40 hit-makers such as Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Usher and Black Eyed Peas.

Directed by Dein Perry (Tap Dogs) and created/choreographed by brothers, Jason and Kris Lewis, The Next Step is an all male cast of that offers something exciting and truly unique. They offer a fresh take to music and dance production - combining strong vocals and original score with an exciting fusion of hip-hop, tap, funk and break-dance. It is street and stage, music and dance at its finest.

The Next Step has performed everywhere from the MTV Awards, Splendour in the Grass and The Helpmann Awards alongside Sir Elton John.

The Next Step: Do It On The Dance Floor
Performing Hip Hop, Tap, Funk, Break routines to Akon, Beyonce, Justin Timberlake, Michael Jackson, Pitbull, John Legend, Usher, Jay-Z, Ne-Yo and the Black Eyed Peas.

Thursday 30 September: Hornsby RSL, Hornsby
Friday 1 October: Panthers, Penrith
Saturday 2 October: Reversby Workers, Reversby
Tuesday 5 October: Castle Hill RSL, Castle Hill
Wednesday 6 October: South Sydney Juniors, Kingsford
Thursday 7 October: Mounties, Mt Pritchard
Friday 8 October: Blacktown Workers, Blacktown
Saturday 9 October: Entertainment Centre, Shoalhaven
Sunday 10 October: Campbelltown RSL, Campbelltown

Tickets are $20 + booking fee, and are available from or and at the venues.

Interview with Jason and Kris Lewis

Jason and Kris Lewis are two members and co-founders of The Next Step.

Question: Can you talk about your role in The Next Step?

Jason Lewis: I am creator and choreographer of the group; I also manage the group, as well. Basically, The Next Step is my little baby.

Question: How would you describe The Next Step?

Jason Lewis: It's a dance and music show; there are lots of difference dance and music styles in the show. The Next Step is an all live music and all live dancing performance.

Question: What different types of dance will audiences see throughout the performance?

Jason Lewis: There is tap, hip-hop and breakdancing all fused together and supported by live vocalists and a three-piece band.

Question: Where did the idea for The Next Step come from?

Jason Lewis: I was 16 when it started, I started it with a few mates and my brother, Kris Lewis; we just wanted to dance and create something new to get some work. The Next Step has progressed over the time and has been influenced by people coming on board as vocalists and breakdancers. The idea came about so long ago and it has evolved and we are really proud of where it is now.

Question: Where did the inspiration for the chorography come from?

Jason Lewis: We all collaborate together, we have been in the rehearsal studio for the past two weeks recreating some new tracks for the show and everyone brings in a new flavour to each routine we do. I guess you could say that we get inspiration from each other.

Question: What should audiences expect from the show?

Jason Lewis: It's a sound and visual extravaganza of guys performing on stage and doing what they do best. It will be a really great show, suitable for all ages.

Question: How many men are apart of The Next Step and how did you go about choosing and audition members?

Jason Lewis: There are 12 of us in The Next Step and because we have grown up in the industry, we started when we were 8 years old, we kind of grew up with all the dancers as it is such a small industry. Basically, we are all best mates so there isn't an audition process.

I have just been overseas with Tap Dogs to London, for three months and I pulled two guys from there and they're in the show, now. You meet people as you go and if you think they're good, you get along with them (which is the main thing) and you work well together, then they're in! We have a lot of fun together, performing.

Question: Can you tell us a little bit about the CD that has been release for The Next Step?

Jason Lewis: Our new single Do It On The Dancefloor has hit. Producers in Melbourne produced The Next Step: Do It On The Dancefloor and the video clip featured on the CD, is really cool, we filmed that, last year. Do It On The Dancefloor is a house-dance track with a little bit of rap. The Next Step does all their own video clips too, there are lots of dancing and you really have to see it.

Question: Could you talk a little bit about what it was like to perform with Elton John?

Jason Lewis: In Hong Kong we performed with Elton John. It was great! It was at a private event, in Hong Kong were there was about 200 guests and I guess you could call us his support act. The Next Step performed a 20 minute set before Elton John came onto the stage and performed for an hour. It was really special. It was really great to meet him, his very interesting.

Interview by Brooke Hunter