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The Guide To Party Planning Success: The Summer Edition

The Guide To Party Planning Success: The Summer Edition

With summer finally upon us, the events calendar is already starting to get filled up with birthdays and outdoor events. I love summer ­– it is the most social and fun time of the year with alfresco dining and social chatter fluttering through the parks. There is always a party happening and always something to see and someone to catch up with. Therefore, it's the perfect time to plan a summer event and also a great excuse to have some serious fun with the ones you hold dear.

It is important to plan your events early in summer, to make sure that your attendees have it firmly lodged in their social calendars. As we all know, with the weather being so delightful here, there is nothing better than sipping a nice chilled Chardonnay whilst working a crowd of like-minded fun loving individuals. So why not make your party stand out from the rest with our guide on the up and coming editions to creating a party to remember. Bringing in your own twists and innovations to your event is a great way to release your inner creativity. I swear every party I attend I see so many amazing things I want to steal and tweak for my next social event. Why not have a read of a few things that I think work really well when organising a summer party. You can even steal a few and improve on them if you like!

Tasty Icy Drinks
When summer hits, there is nothing more pleasurable that an ice cold frozen drink. A signature cocktail like a strawberry daiquiri is a delight. Fruity in its taste and fragrant in its smell, it can always bring a micro expression of happiness to anyone's face. Crushed ice is a sign of a great summer cocktail in everyone's eyes, therefore why not combine the two awesome desires, a cocktail and a soothing beverage to savour.

Mood Lighting To Impress
Whether your event is inside or out, fairy lights certainly creates an atmosphere like no other. It brings the night sky inside, and a sense of calm and gentle ambience is projected to everyone involved in your event. The faint glow from the lights is a mood setter, as no matter what type of party – nobody likes harsh vibrant lighting when the evening is upon us.

Memories From The Party
Another way to get people involved is a photo booth! At my most recent event, I was worried that I wouldn't be able to source a photo booth as I wanted to combine it with a themed fancy dress box, but I Googled photobooth hire in Perth and found a company with this kind of entertainment in spades. To be honest, it was one of the best investments of the party, as the interaction was incredible.

Don't get me wrong – these are just a handful of things that can add to the fun of a party, and without prior planning of the whole of the event, these added extras wouldn't even make a dent on what type of party you could throw. However, once you have the venue and the type of the event down pat, the little things really do set a tone, which can be described or recreated. Therefore, it makes sense to invest your time in finding or creating these things to make your party stand out from the crowd. Even though people may not pick up on every little thing, they will certainly remember the whole event for the foreseeable future which is what we all desire: Everyone will be having an enjoyable time, people will be talking about it with their friends, sharing it on social media, and attending your next big bash.


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