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Timely and Timeless: Tips for Modern Bedroom Design

Timely and Timeless: Tips for Modern Bedroom Design

Contemporary bedroom design is dynamic and highly personalized, creating a sanctuary totally tailored to an individual's lifestyle and tastes. If the look of your bedroom is long overdue for a breath of fresh air, incorporating just a few modern touches into your existing décor can make a world of difference.

Colour, colour, colour!
Bold patterns and inviting textures can create visual interest in an otherwise drab area. Walls can be an underutilized aspect of room décor, and the addition of an invitingly colorful piece of wall art such as a painting, a mural, a vinyl wall sticker or even a vibrant tapestry can transform the overall look of a room. Choose bedding and other household goods with complimentary palettes for a soothing chromatic harmony in your most personal space.

Bed Frame Upgrade
Contemporary bed frames have gone beyond the basic utilitarian structures that supported the box springs of yesteryear, becoming handsome household fixtures in their own right. A designer bed frame can lend your bedroom an air of polish and charm, and many are designed to add functionality to your quarters as well, such as with the gas-lift powered underbed storage offered by Brosa designs. A neutral shade like beige will allow other elements such as bed linens to shine, while more ambitious designers can compliment a dominant color in the room for a more dramatic effect.

Modern bedroom décor is characterized by a open, airy feeling and spa-like atmosphere, and so the amount of light in your bedroom can make a tremendous difference. Maximize natural light in the space by placing a large mirror directly across from a window if possible, and if natural light in your bedroom is typically limited, you can achieve a similar effect with natural light bulbs installed in all light fixtures. These bulbs present a range of health and wellness benefits along with the improvement in atmosphere, making them a doubly attractive investment.

Mix and Match
Modern design is all about challenging convention, and using classic elements such as antique wooden furniture in interesting new ways is an easy way to create a fun, eclectic look. Contrast rich natural earth tones with energetic hues such as sky blue or experiment with pieces in chrome, a modern neutral that blends well with practically any décor.

Contemporary bedroom design is a combination of the trendy and the time-tested, taking full advantage of the latest amenities while showcasing existing designs in surprising new ways. The modern bedroom is more than just a place to sleep, it's a place to awaken your spirit through personal expressions of style.


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