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Natasha Prasad ClassPass Interview

Natasha Prasad ClassPass Interview

ClassPass, the group fitness revolution taking the world by storm has finally hit Australian shores, giving members unsurpassed monthly access to a selection of the most sought after boutique studios and gyms locally, and overseas.

Following its Sydney and Melbourne launch, with plans for rapid growth across Australia, ClassPass offers Australian members a -boarding pass' to interstate and international fitness. -ClassPass Flex' gives all ClassPass members access to the world's largest network of fitness classes, with over 7,000 partner studios and gyms available in 36 cities worldwide.

By removing barriers to entry, ClassPass encourages members to mix up their workouts and discover the variety of new classes available. Members can choose from a wide range of fitness experiences, from aerial yoga to HIIT classes, at a host of boutique fitness studios that they may not have traditionally had the opportunity, or confidence to try.

Australia's General Manager, Natasha Prasad, said: 'We are excited to bring ClassPass to Australia and partner with a high calibre of studios and gyms here who are at the top of their fitness game. Australian members of ClassPass are benefiting from the experience and expertise of a global brand that has revolutionised the way people approach exercise and is deeply entrenched in the fitness culture. Our unique ClassPass Flex means that regardless of work commitments or travel, members can experience the variety and benefit of ClassPass all over the world.

We are delighted to have already partnered with some of the most exclusive studios and gyms in Australia, including InYoga, Studio PP, Fitness Playground, Core Candy and Humming Puppy - offering members access to the latest and most innovative teachers and classes."

Launched in New York in 2013, ClassPass has facilitated more than 10 million reservations to date and transformed the way people engage in fitness worldwide. Members have the freedom of an open fitness relationship that allows them to discover and return to a variety of classes at some of the most exciting fitness studios and gyms available.

ClassPass CEO, Payal Kadakia, said: 'With a vibrant fitness culture and a wealth of boutique fitness studios and gyms, Australia was a natural choice when seeking new expansion opportunities globally. We are already working with a high calibre of partners in Sydney and Melbourne and we look forward to expanding our presence across Australia."

The ClassPass dashboard and mobile app enables members to seamlessly discover, review and book classes and to follow ClassPass friends and influencers to see what classes they have taken. It also enables ClassPass to recommend studios and gyms based on previous attendance elsewhere. ClassPass is the only monthly membership to offer this personalised approach to discovery, encouraging members to step outside their zones of familiarity.

'Through our personalised dashboard and app, we are creating a global community of fitness fans, who can build their own workout schedule with times and locations that suit them. Members can review every class they attend and, based on their preferences and class history, receive custom recommendations, whether that's in Sydney, if they're travelling interstate, or overseas. Likewise, our partners can access the dashboard to review feedback from members, ensuring they are tailoring their offerings to best suit members' needs and help to grow and develop their businesses", said Natasha.

ClassPass is set to help further remove the barriers for Australian fitness fans by bringing new experiences and a number of exclusive studios all under one membership platform. The cost of a monthly ClassPass Membership in Australia is $99 for unlimited classes, allowing up to three visits per studio each month.

For further information please visit and follow us @classpass, facebook/classpass or

Interview with Natasha Prasad, General Manager Australia, ClassPass

Question: What is ClassPass?

Natasha Prasad: ClassPass is a monthly subscription service providing unlimited access to the world's largest network of boutique fitness studios and gyms. With tens of thousands of classes available at 7,000 locations worldwide, ClassPass makes working out more engaging, accessible, and affordable. Members have unprecedented choice and flexibility through a diversity of options, including cycling, Pilates, yoga, boot camp, strength training, dance and more.

Question: Why was ClassPass introduced to Australians?

Natasha Prasad: Health and fitness are a core part of Australian life. Whether it's swimming, running, cricket, football or cycling, you grow up with sport here. We're also fortunate to benefit from beautiful weather, an abundance of natural foods and thousands of miles of beach -- the perfect combination for an active lifestyle! Australians value innovation in the fitness space and are always looking for smarter, more efficient ways to exercise and to keep themselves challenged. What we've seen in the US is that customers really appreciate the variety that comes with ClassPass and enjoy discovering things they might not have otherwise tried. We're excited to bring that same experience to Australia and get more people moving.

Question: Why do you believe this group fitness will revolution the way Australians' exercise?

Natasha Prasad: There's mounting evidence that shows group fitness keeps people engaged longer and gets better results. One of the most common reasons people fall off the fitness wagon is boredom, and group fitness combats exactly that. If you're feeling tired during a group workout, you can draw inspiration and encouragement from the people around you, as well as the instructor. Group fitness also creates that sense of community and belonging, and helps keep us accountable. At the end of the day, exercising with friends, colleagues or even strangers, taps into our intrinsic need for human interaction and keeps us coming back.

The beauty of ClassPass is we have hundreds of gyms, studios and bootcamps offering group fitness. You not only get the benefits of social exercise, but you get the variety of hundreds of classes a day to choose from. With something new to try every day, there's no room to get bored.

Question: How does ClassPass give access to 7,000 gyms?

Natasha Prasad: We're in 36 cities in four countries and have close to 7,000 partners on the platform. The membership is truly global in the sense that if you sign up in Sydney or Melbourne, you automatically have access to 'ClassPass Flex" which lets you book class in any of our cities. On top of that, if you're in a new city, we surface personalised recommendations to you, based on classes you've taken and feedback you've left us in your home city. We know how hard it can be to keep up a fitness routine when you're travelling, and we wanted to make it so you can take ClassPass with you wherever you go.

Question: Can you provide the five best exercises to avoid knee injury?

Natasha Prasad: Rowing. This engages and strengthens your posterior chain"glutes, hamstrings, calves, etc."which is one of the best ways to alleviate stress on your knees.

Pilates. A low-impact but well-rounded workout, Pilates focuses on building strength in muscles we use to stabilize and mobilize ourselves, as well as the heavy hitters we rely on every day.

Heavy lifting. Regular resistance training will build a solid muscular foundation for high-impact activities like running. It helps build lean muscle mass, which will power your body's endurance during long runs.

Swimming. Build your cardiovascular endurance while building full-body strength in a low-impact way.

Surfing. Improved balance and core strength keeps your body from relying on your knees to stabilize your entire body, which is the leading cause of knee injuries when it comes to running and other higher-impact workouts.

Interview by Brooke Hunter


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