Tommy Hilfiger Dare to Dream Fragrance

Tommy Hilfiger Dare to Dream Fragrance
INTRODUCING HIS NEWEST FRAGRANCE, DREAMING BY TOMMY HILFIGER"You can dream about falling in love, flying, or even reliving a moment in your life. Dreaming is a very personal and intimate experience for all women and I wanted to capture that with my new fragrance, Dreaming. It's sensuous, seductive, yet playful and unexpected; the true essence of a woman.
--Tommy Hilfiger

Tommy Hilfiger introduces a new fragrance, Dreaming, inspired by the luxurious feeling of escaping into a fantastical dream.

Dreams are the product of your imagination and creativity, so whether your dreams are about love, adventure, fortune or fame, they are yours and yours alone.

"Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger is an unprecedented launch for Tommy Hilfiger. It is the most sophisticated fragrance to date," says Robin Mason, Vice President of Global Marketing, Aramis and Designer Fragrances. "Dreaming by Tommy Hilfiger evokes a sense of sensuality and desirability, and is extremely aspirational - a quality upon which the Tommy Hilfiger brand was built."

Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger, the Fragrance
The notes of the fragrance are a medley of sumptuous materials ready to take the senses on a dream-like escapade of adventure.

"When people dream, they transport themselves to a different place in their lives. The combination of notes in Dreaming takes the senses on a journey. White Peach, Tuberose and Freesia are found at the heart of the fragrance. They are tempting, inviting and seductive," says Trudi Loren, Vice President of Corporate Fragrance Development Worldwide, Aramis and Designer Fragrances. "This is truly a new, sophisticated direction for Tommy Hilfiger.

The Dreaming Accords
Captivating Peach - It begins with a glance, then the spark. Smooth, succulent peach lies at the core of the fragrance...creating the temptation to move closer, to taste the sweetness and feel the softness.

Fluttering Petals - An inviting bouquet of soft white petals of Freesia, Tuberose and White Hibiscus fluttering across the skin creating a story of promise and capture.

Embracing Warmth - Surrender to the moment...white woods and seductive orris lingers in sensual harmony, carried on the warmth of the skin conveying a passion that must be fulfilled.

For the first time, Tommy Hilfiger Toiletries will introduce luxury items such as the parfum concentration that will be housed in a rich fabric box with an exclusively written dream interpretation book enclosed. In addition, there is a removable charm placed around the 100 ml bottle of Dreaming.

The bottle conveys elegance in its simplicity. The pillowed square design is delicate and feminine, inviting you to come closer and touch. The square cap with a bold red collar reinforces the designer's strength of combining soft corners with strong lines.

The Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger fragrance will be available from 14 October 2007. Available from selected department stores, leading pharmacies and Perfume Connection

Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger Collection
15ml Parfum RRP: $180
The parfum, a first for Tommy Hilfiger Toiletries, will be housed in a rich fabric box with a Dream interpretation dictionary. In addition, there is a rope wrapped around the bottle with a dangling Tommy Hilfiger charm.
30ml EDP RRP: $55
50 ml EDP RRP: $79
100ml EDP RRP: $115

Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger Body Lotion 200ml RRP; $50
Silky and lightweight, Dreaming body lotion glides beautifully over the skin. This quick absorbing formula revives the look of your skin leaving a gorgeous sheen on the body. Skin feels ultra smooth, soft and hydrated. The lotion lends itself perfectly for layering with the Dreaming fragrance, helping to extend the wear of the fragrance.

Limited Edition Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger Rollerball/Lipgloss Duo RRP: $35
Dreaming Tommy Hilfiger, in a portable rollerball form, is conveniently paired with a sheer, cherry-tinted lip gloss that cushions the lips and saturates them with pure shine. The color is subtle and natural looking which makes the product appropriate for all skin tones and contains a delicious peach/berry flavor. This gloss with edp rollerball combination is a great companion for the woman on the go who wants a quick touch-up.

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